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If you all could spare some prayers

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I could use them for my fears and nerves. Lilly and Corwin go to the Vets tomm morning to be fixed.
I've never owned a male kitten before Corwin,so I am nervouse beyoned words right now.I know he'll be o.k. and I know Lilly will too.But, Lilly is my baby and Corwin is my 16 year old DD cat.So, if anything goes wrong,I may as well not come home.
I know this is for the best and WILL have it done no matter what.But, as I said I'm just nervous about it all.Blaze was 6-7 months old when she was spayed.Lilly is only 14 1/2 weeks old. And Corwin is about 18 1/2 weeks old.
So, if you all could spare some prayers, could you send them our way?PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!!
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Awww! I'll keep you in my thoughts tomorrow!
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I shall talk to all my kitties tonight as they gather around their dinner bowls and ask them to hold good thoughts tomorrow for Lilly and Corwin.
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Loki and Jacob have good thoughts for Lilly and Corwin! And deepest sympathy - they've all been through it!
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Awww! I'm praying your babies get through it real quick and nicely!
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Thank you all so very much!!!

They are looking at me because I won't feed them and they don't like it one bit.I'm such a bad Meowmy!!And of course they are meowing to be fed too.
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Good luck tomorrow! Things will be fine!
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Good luck tomorrow, I will keep them in my prayers, i'm sure everything will be fine.
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You and those sweet furbabies are in my thoughts and prayers! all will go well tomorrow! No worries ok? Your vet has lots of experience with these procedures and will take wonderful care of them!
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Here's vibes from the kitties and myself for Lily and Corwin. They'll be fine. When my boys were neutered they didn't even seem sore or tired. I know about the food issue, though. My kitties were not happy. Good wishes for tomorrow!
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Sending lots of vibes to you and your babies.

I was nervous , too, when my kitties time came, but everything turned out just fine
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Thank you all so very much!!!

They are looking at me because I won't feed them and they don't like it one bit.I'm such a bad Meowmy!!And of course they are meowing to be fed too.
Ah, yes... you are now the even more incomprehensible human -- WHYYYYYYYY can't we have our DINNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnner???

All WILL be well, but in the meantime, lotsa hugs and vibes for your nerves and their procedures.
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Don't you just hate seeing those little faces looking at you for their dinner

They'll be back with you safe and sound in no time at all
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Sending many good vibes {{{ }}}
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Hugs to you and Tavia says she will sneak them some of her tuna and ocean whitefish.
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Thank you ALL for the prayers and vibes.My babies are back home with me now.They've even both ate a tiny bit and drank a bit of water.Lilly had an accident in her carrier,because I thought she was just scratching to get out to play.The Vets said to keep her in her carrier for a few hours to insure the pain med shot and the Anesthesia wore off.So, it was my fault for that.Other than that, they are both doing good.I remembered to use the Vanilla under their chins,the base of their tails and then around their shoulder blades so that Blaze wouldn't hiss at them,because of the strange smells.That has worked ALOT!!!Corwin is asleep at my feet and Lilly is munching on some food.
The Vet told me to keep them as quiet as I can for 7-10 days.But, she said I know that will most likely be atleast 3-5 days is VITAL!! So,I'll put one in my bedroom and one is my DD room for the next couple of nights.
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Yes here are lots of good vibes for you


I am glad they are home and hope they feel better tell them to rest up for a few days
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Sounds like everything is good. I had a hard time keeping my girls 'quiet.' Actually I had to rotate them in the kennels because if they were apart they howeld something awful and even if they were out one at a time, they wanted to climb the walls. So good luck!
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Sounds like everything is going smoothly! Thanks for the update! I'm sure they will recover just fine with such a wonderful meowmy looking out for them!
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Glad to hear all is well.
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It's god to hear that Corwin and Lily are home. Good luck keeping them quiet. They may not feel frisky the first day but watch out after that.
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They are back to themselves now.LOL!!! I have to keep telling them no and making them calm down.Which they both love to snuggle,so they don't mind sitting on Meowmys lap and getting more lovins.
I forgot to tell you all,when they weighed Lilly she has gained almost a pound in the 2 1/2 weeks that we've had her.The Vet said that was wonderful!!!Lilly weighs 4.5 pounds(was 3.7 pounds--Vet said if she would have been able to eat,she would have been atleast 4.7 pounds) and Corwin weighs 5 pounds.So, the Vet said they are doing great.
Thank you all again for the wonderful support.This is my first time having a male kitty--let alone him being neutered.Now, I don't have to worry about babies and the worry of Cancer in any of them.
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