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Special Powers

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Leah gave me this idea for a thread (thanks )
Do you believe in people having the ability to read minds? Tell the future? Do you have special abilities?

I was told that people who are born with "veils" over thier face has them. Meaning some sort of skin from the placenta is over a babies face... My son was born with it...and yes, sometimes he will tell me things before they happen. I used to pass it off as him just theorizing about things until my 4yr old was born.... The Drs and myself didn't know what he was going to be. We couldn't tell on the ultrasound.. I asked Justice what he thought the baby was going to be and he said a boy.... I thought to myself "thats because HE'S a boy" But then he was coloring about two days before he was born and he said out of the blue "the baby is going to be a boy and you're gonna name him Deacon".. I'd never EVER mentioned anything about the names I was thinking of... but he knew it. He also knew he was going to have redhair and blue eyes.... he DID...
anyways, does anyone believe in this?

Poll coming...
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Well sometimes I know beforehand if a teacher's going to call on me at school, and sometimes I know what someone's going to say something before they do. I don't think I have any powers though.. along the lines of paranormal activity, my mom can have an outer body experience at her own will.

ETA: On July 10 last year when I was at the airshow, I said to my dad, "I bet something bad is going to happen." About 20 minutes later two bi-planes crashed and both pilots died.
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I believe in it 100%!!!
I have dreamed so many dreams that have came true,that it's actually scary.
I had a dream that my cousin was hit by a drunk driver and was in a coma.I got the call 2 days later that my Cousin had been hit and was in critical condition.We went to the Hospital and he had been hit by a drunk driver and was in a coma.He died just 4 days later.
I dreampt that my first husband would leave me for a older woman with long black hair.Sure enough, he left me for a woman who was 10 years older than him and she had long black hair.....she was also my best friend at the time.
My Mom dreamed that a friend of ours little girl would be ran over in her drive way by her Brother.She dreamed of the color of the casket and the clothes that Becky would be in.The very next day, we got the call that Becky had been ran over by her Brother in their drive way and when we went to the funeral, she was in the same color casket and yellow dress that Mom dreamed of.
I have seen Angels and felt their presense before also.
When I had my Hysterectomy, it was 4 months after my Dad died from Cancer.I was so scared and prayed that God would send my Dad down to comfort me.And he did!! There was no room on the right side of the bed because of all the machines and such.So, no one could reach me from that side.When I came out of recovery,I told my DH that he kissed me on the right check and I remembered that but not talking to him.He looked at me and my Mom and the Nurse just exchanged funny looks.The Nurse said "honey,that is impossible as the machines were on that side and even the Dr couldn't reach you on that side until you went to the OR". It was then that I knew in my heart, that it was my Dad that kissed me to let me know he was with me and would keep me safe.
So, YES I believe!!!
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I think people call it different things, but I've experienced it. Just a few months ago this random thought came to me that a particular friend was pregnant. One who lives hundreds of miles away and I only talk to every few months. She's due Feb 24th. She wanted to know why I never bothered to fill her in on that fact. Oh and she asked that if I get any indication as to the sex of the baby to please let her know.

I also had the thought "That's the man you are going to marry." when I first met DH. I said 'Eeew! no!' (He was wearing a dorky hat, khaki's and an undershirt. It was late and he was just taking his trash out. Plus I was grumpy. Really he's a hottie! And dresses good! )
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You are too funny.
Anyways-Well I have De Je Vu (spelling I dont know), ALOT.
I mean like at least every day. And it lasts a long time.
And that veil over the face thing is interesting...Never knew that.
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Originally Posted by lilleah View Post

You are too funny.
Anyways-Well I have De Je Vu (spelling I dont know), ALOT.
I mean like at least every day. And it lasts a long time.
And that veil over the face thing is interesting...Never knew that.
I don't know if the veil over the face thing is true...
I do know my 8yr old does have something special about him. He has an INCREDIBLE way with animals.. I have seen dogs that would rip your head off or a cat that would shred your arm do nothing but lick and love on him. Kinda like the 2 birds we have now. Pepsi (the Teil) is a biter. If I stick my hand in the cage he bites... If justice does, he will perch on him. He's definatly got SOMETHING about him
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When I was little I had two or three precognitive dreams.
Don't remember having had any since about 9 or 10 though.
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I was at work one evening, and had this overwhelming need to go to the ER. I was fine, but I HAD to get there. I pulled up the same time as my daughter and my parents. My daughter, who was 2 at the time, had fallen and cut her cheek. My mom was astounded that I was there. She asked who called me, and my daughter says "I did." She could not use the phone yet.
We are still like that, and I can usually tell when my SO needs me, and have often been on my way to him whe he calls me. I can pick up my phone before it rings if it is one of them. We will often start singing the same song at the same time to my granddaughter. She ran away one time, and I went right to where she was, even though I had never been there before. They have long given up on trying to get anything past me.
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I have funny things normally happen to me. Like I can't be around women when they are pregnant in the first or second trimester because I will have pregnancy symptoms that's how my best friend found out she was pregnant. And I did that with a girl at work too I was like you're pregnant and she kept saying no I'm not and come to find out she was. I have done that with several people. And I will sometimes think about an old rerun from an old tv show and then come to find out that's the one they are airing that night. And my sister could never sneak up on me when we were kids. I also have been told by people that I must sense spirits because we were driving by a huge cemetary one day in Paduca Kentucky and I had never been there and I was looking down at something in the car and when we went by it I looked up and said this place is haunted and my friends boyfriend looked at her and see I told you so. I said why did you drive me by it and he said he knew I would sense them. And later on that same cemetary was on that America's Most Haunted. I did that at my old job too so yes I do believe. And I also believe that cats really do ward off bad spirits. I can be scared to death thinking I feel something bad in my bedroom and my cat can come sit by me and I feel safe even though before she got to me I had the 67lbs boxer laying by me. So yes I do believe.
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I think there's a difference in having a general feeling when something bad is going to happen and having specific premonitions. I have had dreams throughout my life that were SO specific and, soon after, the exact same thing or similar thing would happen in real life.
The night before I had my first date with Bradley (and it was a blind date- set up by friends), I had a dream that I was on the date and he wore the exact same outfit (I know, guys hate it when we call them "outfits") on the date that my mystery guy wore in my dreamthe night before!! Kinda cool!
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