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Confused about canned cat food! HELP!

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I tried postin this yesterday, but can't seem to find it so here goes a much more condensed version:

Has anyone tried Trader Joe's canned cat food? The first 5 ingredients are:turkey broth, turkey, poultry giblets, ocean fish, chicken. I'm interested in this food because it seems like a fairly good quality food, and the price is right, 49 cents for a 5.5 oz. can. Would you consider this better quality than Nutro Max Cat?
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My cats have tried it, at least one flavor is low enough in phosphorous to be a good choice for one of my kitties with chronic renal failure. I don't have the nutro max cat formulas in front of me, but as I recall, I was very impressed with the Trader Joe's list of ingredients. I think it is a good food, with a great price.
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I'd say it's just as good, if not better, than Max. My only issue would be the fish, but it's not a main ingredient (my cats don't get fish, except in ther Felidae dry- We do the chicken and rice wet).
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I am interested in trying this also, but my closes stores for Trader Joe's
is 1 hour away . Very good price. I think it is worth a try to see if you kitty
would eat it, I would.
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We use trader JOes, usually with gusto. Sometimes they turn up their noses, then we do science diet, which doesn't have as good ingredient list as trader joes. I am just afraid they will stop eating it, then what will I do, because I won't spend more thatn 50 cents a can.
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I've used the tuna cat food from Trader Joe's. My cats (five) are fussy where they love it one day, don't like it the next day! They didn't care for the other canned food so I only bought it once.

I vary their canned foods because they get bored. I only give them 1/2 small can in the AM and half at night so it's equal to one small 5oz can a day and many times, they don't finish that. I leave dry food out all day for them.

Of course, my cats prefer the junk canned foods like the new Friskies and the new blue canned Fancy Feast. I try to vary it with ProPlan and Nutro.
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My upstairs neighbours use this as a treat for their three cats. Gizmo adores it! It's disgusting by our standards--all runny, with a sort of gel--but the cats looooooooooooove it!
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