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Can Someone Please see If they can help this person

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There is a person on craigslist who runs a private rescue that needs some assistance trying to pull kittens that are about to be euthanized from a shelter in CA. Apparently she is having issues because she is a private rescue and not an organization. I am going to try to post a link to the original thread on craigslist. In order to reply over there you have to register for free.

The pets forum is 26. If anyone can help you can e-mail this person directly. I am posting her e-mail address here with permission. bittenbyakittn@yahoo.com

Here is the original post

I have been pulling under a certain 501c3 organization there (others in other shelters) but because my main person is no longer with them I need to find another group to work with.

This is the first time I have ever run into a problem as a private rescue. It's so sad because Martinez is overrun with underage kittens that will be euthanized for lack of foster homes, yet they are helpless to act without using an umbrella group.

Meanwhile others are calling me to take kittens, but they are further from home. Of course, the kittens are just as deserving, but it seems like I should be taking the ones right here that are ready to be killed.

I have room for two litters right now, so it's doubly sad that I may not be able to rescue from one of the shelters most in need and closest to me. And that's because of personal problems that have nothing to do with me, and that I have no knowledge of (nor do I want to, in fact, that's why I remain a private rescuer).

I still don't want to be a 501c3, and this latest tempest certainly does not make me anymore enamored of becoming one. For those unfamiliar, I do hands-on rescue work only, not fund-raising or board meetings or anything related to being a tax-exempt organization. I fund the difference out of my own savings.

So far everyone I've worked with sees the value of private rescue and has given me and those like me unqualified support. But we still all have to do things officially, when all we want to do is to save animals from death, get them speutered and vetted and adopt them into screened forever homes.

If anyone wants to know why I don't stick to Berkeley, it's because Home At Last really has that covered to the point that Berkeley is almost a no-kill shelter. (yeah, HAL!) I have worked with them in the past, but usually they are able to use their own foster homes and provide for all the cats and kittens that come into the Berkeley shelter.

I would love to NOT get into the petfo argument that I should just give up private rescue and join one of the more conventional groups. I am very happy with the way I work, I don't play particularly well in groups and I have rescued and saved from death almost 400 kittens and mama cats over the last 3+ years.

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This has been resolved.
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How did you get this resolved???? That's great that she got this taken care of though!
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bitten found someone in her area that was able to pull the kittens for her. She will be pulling 2 litters of kittens. I will see if I can find the update again on craigslist and cross post it.
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Another rescue will be my stand-in and one of the main volunteers there is on their list to pull. She is there more frequently even than my other contact, and lives nearby, so this is perfect.

I am very sensitive to not taking up other rescue's time and energy to help me because I choose not to get 501c3 status. This way no one has to go out of their way one bit.

So tomorrow I pull two litters, one for a foster home, one for me. Gotta quarantine though, unfortunately but that's life in the big shelter.

Ironically I had two other sources of kittens come through today as well but their situations are not as dire as kittens on death row.

Pics to follow.

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So she is in Chicago and she is pulling kittens from California??

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I access craigslist through the page for chicago. Bitten is actually in California. Craigslist pets forums are national but people log into local pages. You can see all the posts regardless of where you log on.
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Well at least two litters of kittens were saved. Great job
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