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Help me, I'm heartbroken!

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Today on my way home I saw a lady speaking to a little baby kitty outside her house, about 9 weeks old, I said her kitty was beautiful only to be told it wasn't hers!

The story is that he and two adult cats belonged to a lady over the road, who had slung them out on the street to fend for themselves, that the neighbours had been putting food out for them, reasoning with the lady who just didn't care! They had rang the RSPCA, who told the neighbours they would trap them and take them, except today they rang back and said they would be leaving them as they do have an owner!!! so they wouldn't be collecting them, and they would have to fend for themselves,even though they were told the lady didn't want them,that staggered me beyond belief.

We looked for the elder cats which could not be found, so there was NO way I was leaving the baby, the elder cats have a chance to at least fend for themselves until I could do something, so I took the baby who I called Lennon, he was ginger with a hint of white lines on him (like a tabbies markings) gorgeous amber eyes, but ever so skinny and boney and riddled with fleas.
I picked him up and he snuggled up and purred away, I fell in love instantly! I got him home and then I faced my problems, two kitties who was not happy! I fed him and put some water down and then I had to think long and hard...I know about seperating new cats etc, but my doors in my house do not shut properly, they have those roller ball fixtures and my cats just push them open, and I have just (finally) got a new job from a friends brother, so am not here in the day anymore, so I knew in my heart I couldn't home this kitty, as much as my heart said yes, I didn't want to risk Lennon from attack from my two, he was nervous enough.

So I rang cats protection, he's now been picked up, and gone straight to the vets for a check over, the officer saw my tears and told me not to worry, he is so beautiful he will have no trouble at all getting rehomed, and that on the positive side I may have save his life, he now has warmth, shelter, food and his health can be monitored, and very soon he'll have a loving home, but I am heartbroken! I haven't stopped crying, I feel guilty that I've abandoned him and feel such a bad person that I didn't rehome him myself. If it wasn't for the fact mine may attack him, and I'm not here to keep an eye I'd have kept him...I am torn apart, I can't stop thinking of him and my heart is broken.

I am going to ring them tomorrow to check on him, and see if they caught the others as I told them theres two adults also, I hope you can all send vibes Lennons way and I pray he goes to a good home, but for now I feel like the worse person in the world!
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oh darlin, dont be sad, you have done a wonderful wonderful thing for little Lennon. You have given him a chance at a perfect loving life.... what more could this little guy have asked for?

Let us know what they say tomorrow and until then sending lots of (((vibes))) Lennon's way
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I just feel so awful, I tried to take pics but batteries were dead in digi cam, so managed to take one on my phone but having problems sending it to my email address, that's my keepsake, I'll never forget him...I just hope he's doing ok, he's used to being free and may be scared and I keep playing this over in my mind, and if theres anyone to cuddle him
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Well, I had an experience about a week ago where I had to give an apparently abandoned dog to the shelter and I just felt horrible about it. And they promised me I could get his number and follow how he was doing, but it turned out that he was actually lost and was VERY shortly reunited with his happy owner.

I know that's not your story, but by doing the right thing, you're giving him such a good chance to get a happy home!
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I'm glad the dog was reunited with its owner, I hope Lennon has a happy ending too, I mean the officer insisted he would be snapped up pretty quickly, and I know deep down he'll be ok...but I miss him, as silly as it sounds I really fell in love!
Anyway I'm off to bed, I'm mentally exhausted, will bring an update tomorrow, and thankyou.
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Hurray for rescuing precious Lennon. Even though you didn't get to keep him, you have provided the link between him and his future forever family. Just think, even at this very moment, his new owner may be a young girl who's finally getting the kitten that she's been begging for; or maybe his new owner is a young adult businessman who's looking for a companion, and is considering a cat because he has read on the internet that cats are much lower maintenance than dogs; or maybe some kind lady is thinking that there's a cat-sized hole in the family
Sending prayers and vibes that little Lennon is adjusting well and finds his new home soon; more protection prayers and vibes to the adult cats who have been brutally betrayed by their former owner
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Just an update.
I rang up today, my little sweetheart is doing just fine, he has been seen by the vet and although he is underweight he is healthy and will put on weight soon enough, the best news is they are pretty sure they have found him a good home (obviously pending home check) I am praying he gets a home and can be loved as he deserves.

The lady is also letting me send a letter, now I don't know if this is against protocal and she's just doing me a favour, or if this allowed, but Im going to send a letter to her to give Lennons new it I shall explain how I came across him, why I couldn't home him and how much in a few short hours he captured my heart, I am also going to put my email address and ask for an update and a picture of his progress IF they feel comfortable with doing so, if they however do not wish to, then I wish them all the best and hope Lennon gives them as much happiness as he gave to me in those few short hours.

I am very happy he now has a certain future, and will be happy and loved and cared for...but I know for sure as silly as it may sound I will never forget him ever, and I feel such an overwhelming love for him, and yes I'm still crying for him...but I feel so much better today than yesterday!
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It funny how in such a short time, we can become wrapped around those little paws! You did a wonderful thing for Lennon. He will now have a safe, wonderful, happy home!
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As I said, I am very happy he is going to have a happy ending, last night I cried myself to sleep thinking he'll be scared, he's used to being on the street..even though that's not a good place to be, he was familiar with it...I just needed to hear her words that he was fine and he is and as soon as my mobile network sort out the problem with sending pics from my phone to email I can show you him.
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You were indeed the LINK for Lennon to find his true home I am so thrilled to read this update
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Bless your heart for saving this baby And a round of applause to The Cats Protection who i know will make sure this baby lives

I had a similar problem with the RSPCA when we found a stray but i won't even go there with them because their way down in my estimations
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ring the cats protection there better then rspac as for the little kitten try and get it into a safe place before it gets hurt
the rspca are very understaffed there are only 95 officiers for the whole of the country england wales and scotland that was count last year iI will private message you a number
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Thanks all, some more good news is that the two adult cats have now been taken into care eventually they will have a loving home too.
The lady also said Lennon seems to purr 24/7 I actually mentioned that to her when I found him, that he had continually purred..maybe he's greatful for some human love bless him...As soon as I hear anything more I'll update you all, thanks for the vibes and advice.
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Aww brilliant I'm so glad everything turned out ok.

If your missing Lennon,you could always offer to foster him for CP
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I understand why you're sad but you truly are little Lemmon's hero, we need more ppl on the planet like you!!!! Thank you so much for caring!!!!! You did a wonderful thing - I know it hurts but hopefully, his new people will give you updates and share their stories of him with you. It all sounds like it will turn out very well and had you not came along and called the Protection Assn, who knows where the wee baby would be???

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Sorry to drag this up, but I never did post the update!

Lennon ( and they kept the name!) was snapped up by a family, with two children of an older age, they all fell in love with him insatntly and the family are also friends of the lady from CP, so she has assured me they are a very kind and loving family and are absolutley spoiling him with love and attention, I will never forget that cat, but I am content that he is being loved and has a family for life and that has made my whole year!
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What a happy ending to such a dramatic post! Glad to see that when one heart cares, and shares, other hearts the world over care too, and the results are awesome Congratulations to Lennon and his new family - maybe they would share their "First Christmas with Lennon" stories with you
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Awww Thats brilliant news

Thanks for updating us,Its great to hear of happy endings

No...Its not really against protocol I keep in touch with some of my ferals
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I believe God put you in Lennon's path so you would be the conduit to his finding his furever home. Even though you fell in love and will always miss him, he'll also always have a special place in your heart. You have a kind and loving heart and did a truly wonderful thing. I'm sure God will bless you for your kindness.
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