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Oy!! Krazy Kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The last time I had a kitten kitten was about 20 years ago... (omg I'm getting old!) all of our other cats were at least 3 or 4 months old when we got them.

Smokey & Skunk are 8 weeks old today and they are little terrors!!! I can't believe how much energy they have - they're hilarious! My problem is I don't know how to 'train' them or if I really even can at this stage.

My biggest problem is their claws- right now they try to climb our legs, and if I'm sitting on the floor with them they use their claws no matter what they're doing so I'm always getting scratched. When they climb my legs I say "No!" every time and either move my leg or peel them off but about a nanosecond later they're back on my leg! This would go on for hours if I let it... is there a different way I should be teaching them that I'm not a tree?!

I'm worried about them clawing because while they're in the bathroom now and will be moved to a kitten cage tonight- they do no harm... however when we let them out into the house as regular family members Chad is going to FLIP if they scratch his speakers or the couch- so I'd like to try and work with them before they have full rein of the house.

Also- they play & fight all the time and I like to kind of wrestle/play with them- but is this teaching them bad behavior at this age?

At what age do they start outgrowing the Krazy Kitten behavior? Maui was 6 months old when we got him and he never has acted like this.

Don't get me wrong- I love how they are, they're hilarious & super cute and I'm not wanting them to hurry up and get through it... although I could deal without the leg climbing

Is this a good indication of how they will be as adults? Smokey is much more playful and climbs all over me while Skunk is more timid and scares easily...
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I can only tell you that Nike did the same leg-climbing tactic, but I just yelled OWWWWWWW!!!! really loudly when she did and she has never done it again! Must have lucked out on that one I would try to start trimming their claws now while they're young, just get human nail clippers and snip off the ends.... I personally don't think wrestling/rough housing with them is a bad thing, but someone else may have another opinion and as far as them calming down? could take up to a year... or longer! just depends on the cat, some are spunkier than others
So glad to hear the babies are doing so well
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