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Loco, again!

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Hello fellow cat lovers, I haven't been here in a bit, not for lack of need mind you. My Darling Orange Tiger Loco is at it again with more attitude than ever before. He is becoming so nasty with the rest of the house that I just don't know what to do. He is beginning to hurt the other cats, I am finding scabs and tufts of hair everywhere. I am clipping nails tonight. I even called the Vet to see if there were anything medically that could be wrong that would make him act so mean. The girl at the desk seemed clueless, should I be worried? He is even beginning to attack me. The other night he was just purring away next to me as I was petting and rubbing his stomach, he did a full 4 point restraint on my hand and arm. I managed to get him off of me, but he is always on the verge of clawing me, and gets me all the time. I need help, getting rid of him is NOT an option.
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If you pet a cat for too long, and very especially on the stomach for any time at all (unless he's shown he's ok with it) it's a trigger they can't control - an 'overstimulation' to their nerve system, etc. which they automatically kick back at, or bite. Pet him normally, but stay away from his undersides and don't pet him for so long (esp. his rear half) that he gets squirmy and reacts.
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You need to seperate your cat from the others immediately! Keep in seperate room, litter, food and water. The agressive behavior toward you is a reaction of over all discomfort of his surroundings. Is he nueutered? Has he been in these surrounding since a kitten? Often receptionist for our vets may be the least animal knowledgable, they are hired for thier receptionist skills. However, you have a lot of animal lovers here who are ready and willing to give support and advice!
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These cats have been together all of their lives. Loco and the other male have been neutered since they were around 9 months old. The only change in the house is the loss of the mother of 2 of my cats Baby, she has been gone for 3 months. My daughter carelessly allowed her out of the house and I have searched and searched for her. Loco is usually a very affectionate and loving cat, he rolls over for me to rub his stomach and has been doing this all of his life. He wakes me up in the middle of the night licking my face purring, he also will do this during the day. He is very personable with visitors too. When I have friends over they always say that they have never seen cats like mine, they act like dogs when I come home. They come to the door to greet me, they swarm my feet, and just generally will not leave me alone or my company, like dogs are friendly. They are really my companions. He is the leader of the pack so to speak when it comes to interacting with people. That is why I am so baffled by this cruel streak he is developing, it isn't all the time but he is hurting the others so its too much. I hope that is enough info to help.
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SO he's been acting like this since the "mom" cat got out?
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