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3 Years today

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It was three years ago today that my sweet & spunky Smokey passed away. I've been weepy the last couple of days & it just dawned on me why,

Smokey I'll always love you & have fun over the bridge until I get there.
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Awwww Rest in Peace Smokey...
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Awwwww Smokey will be having a brilliant time over the bridge right now don't you worry

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I'm glad I could make you laugh today. I'm sure that Smokey is up there purring love down at you right this minute.
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I know how you feel..... Just remember we will see them again!!
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Smokey is a very special and strong soul. My heart is with you as you remember your love.
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Awww... I'm sorry for your loss!
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I am sorry for your pain. Rest in peace sweet Smokey
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Smokey knows how much love you both shared between yourselves,even after the time thats passed,Smokey can't forget.
There is no measure of time in heaven,but you knew the 'time' was here again because Smokey was there with you,to help you through the pain because Smokey knew just how much love you had between you and knew how much you would be hurting.

R.I.P Dear Smokey

be strong and know Smokey is still with you..
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i am so sorry, anniversaries are always hard. He is happy up there till you meet again. Hugs to you, and RIP little one.
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Rest in peace Smokey. Remember to look down on your family at this sad time for them.
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