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Just some more advice please

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Hi as everyone probably realises now, ive got a lil siamese tom.I work a day and the doors have to be left open so the dogs can go in and out.The problem with this is i dont want my cat going outside,my fiance is always home in the days but hes not always awake (he works nights)and even if i told him to watch kitty like a hawke im not sure he would(or hed forget)and im just terrified kitty would wander onto the road or worse.The only solution i can think of is to buy or make some sort of movable cat "run".Sorta an aveiry style thing with a covered bed area ,to be put outside(or under cover)whenever the doors open.What does everyone think,does anyone have a simaliar set up??any advice would b great p.s dont worry about kitty getting cold I live in the Tropics
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I think that sound like a good solution. If it's hot though I think you need to give careful consideration to making sure there is enough shade for puss to stay cool (boy - I wish that was a problem here . . .)

Maybe once your fiance woke up he could let the little fella out for a scamper, meaning that kitty wouldn't be cooped up all day?
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hello dont worry my precious baby(my kitty not fiance)will be left in the the shade in those warm days&kitty will b taken inside to play as as soon as when my fiance closes the door to go to bed...i dont think kittys got a huge chance of actually playing with fiance because foolishly fiance prefers dogs
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I like a girl who gets her priotities right. Kitty is the sweety NOT the fiancee.

Like it
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If you do set this up, an idea would be to make the entry from inside the house by a cat door. Attach the run to the house securely and give kitty a cat door so she can get in and out at her will. Make sure that you put something down at the base of the run because cats can dig, though it is highly unlikely she would dig out but still she could, or something could try to get at her from outside.
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Could you install a doggie door, where the door flap is too heavy for kitty to open himself?

I also think the kitty enclosure is a good idea. Be sure to have a covered area where kitty can get out of the rain and incliment weather.
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