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Update on Momma and babies

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I know I Havnt been on here in a while .. Life has been buzy now that these babies are moving around alot more,taking care of all the other pets,and tring to plan my wedding hahaha! But they are striving.. Ollie, the one I thought wasnt going to be the slow learner, as he was walking first, was out of mom first, and was out of the crate first, still hasnt drank water or eaten yet.. *Not that I have seen* But ALL The girls eat and drink water on there own.. Mystic, and Pearl LOVE caned food! haha And I actually seen Pearl tring to eat the dry YAY! Charlie I wanna call the Fat Kid reject of the litter.. haha He plays and stuff, But, usually likes sitting alone.. in the corner, watching everyone else.. and as much handleing as I have done, he trys to what looks like hiss at me when i pick him up.. it is kinda cute.. But he is soooooo oBig compared to the others.. But he is Drinking on his own, and Eating as well.. not as much as the girls though. And I saw Pearl pee on the blanket that the food dishes sit on *momma Makes a horrid mess when she eats* soo She is learning to pee on her own,But wont pee in the pan.. And Ollie, I THINK went into the BIG normal pan * that momma uses* and went pee, i think.. But I have out a short one that they just like to play in.. LOL Should I put it near the big one? Or maybe just let them learn to use hers? They make such a mess of the small one..

But Man I didnt think I would have so much fun watching them... BOY o BOY! Mystic,and Ollie seem to be the more responsive to me.. when I am in there, they are all over me, and Pearl is coming pretty close to them.. But Charlie, is so standoffish.. is that Normal? Or should I Spend more time holding him? And Dottie has her days where she is all over the idea of getting attention,and sometimes she wonders off with charlie.. Maybe it is just there personalitys.

Well sorry for the long post.. But Hopefully you guys can help me with a few things.. I am tring to get good pics to post here, And when I do, I Will show you! thanks!
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I would definitely spend some extra time cuddling the standoffish kittens. My "T", the first born and the tortie girl, has been a little standoffish, too. But finally, at 6 weeks, as I was cuddling her upside down, she began to purr! She is now a lovebug, if held upside down and getting her ears rubbed!

I would limit their area to ensure they use the litterbox. Better to learn good habits early! Maybe even put down a couple of baby sized litter pans.
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Well I have them in a 10x10 room and they are doing good in there.. Ollie, the male uses the pan, But i havnt seen him drink or eat on there own.. Lol
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Is the litterbox low? Some kittens can't seem to get into the box when they have to go potty, although they are like monkeys crawling all over everything else!

Otherwise, just give her a little time. The first few days of going potty can be confusing.
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Yes.. they are using the pan.. it isnt short sides, But I have a short baking pan and they wont touch it.. But a few of them made there first poos in there this weekend.. it was nice .. FINALLY lol But she was meowing like it hurt, and when she was done it looked like it was red, But I got a napkin and picked it up,and it was just really dark,and hard at the end.. :-/ I guess from being the first poo... But she seemed sooo happy to have let it out .. haha.. ALL of them are eating *When I watch them* Cept Ollie, the first in everything other then eating, and using the pan... He still uses the litter pan.. But I never see him eat out of the bowl.. Even a cpl of the girls are eating dry.. or at least tring to. But I Love sitting in there,and watching them all play.. they love my feet,and toes.. lol I Just cant beleve they are 5 weeks old now. *Happy birthdy to them .. Sun they were 5 weeks*
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