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I Want To Name My Baby

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Hello everyone At the mo im trying to name my little boy siamese and any suitable suggestions would be a great help!!!Especially anyone who knows any Thai names or names that would especially suit a siamese.....wether for historical reasons or personal.eg pavorotti.....cause they ve got such a loud voice anyway thanks 4 any help u give me and ill let everyone know when i chose a name!
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Hi. Wow, I find it hard to name a kitty who I can't see. Most often the names I pick come from something the cat does. I'll bet there are some web sites that can give you name suggestions. Anyway, welcome to the Cat Site.
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Eden. Do you have a picture you could post? Or tell us a bit about the kittie's personality?

I don't know anything about Thai except Thai Green Curry!

If you can put up a pic that might stimulate some creative juices . . .
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here is a website with some unique names. Maybe that will help. Generally cats name themselves when their personalities start developing, but posting a picture would help a bit!

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Hi Eden!

If you haven't already found a name yet what about these....


Let us know kittie's new name once you've decided!

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We truly believe that, given time, a cat or dog will name itself. Sometimes they reveal their names quite suddenly and others take awhile. Yesterday Bagger came into our lives. His name is Bagger because he came up to my husband on the golf course and insisted on helping him putt. Give it a day or two.
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Hi Eden,
is the kitty fem. or male to know that would have helped a little.I thought of Sita although that´s probably Indian. T he kitty won´t mind Usually the cats respond easily to the i vowels(pronounced like a long i like in need).One of my cats is called Lily. Bibi was good too:So that´s it from Germany.
All the best Elisabeth
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