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Its been two years since Sheba crossed

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Its sad that the time has passed so quickly since my loss of Sheba. Sometimes I can't picture her clearly in my mind without seeing a photo. Today I will visit her grave and look at the few pictures I have of her. Hopefully she is enjoying her life at the bridge with all her TCS friends. I miss her so much.
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Please trust that, even though at times, it feels like the memory of your precious Sheba has faded,
she will always be with you in your heart until you are together again.
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Gail Sheba is having a brilliant time over the bridge. Your still thinking of her and as long as you do that then Sheba will live forever

It's hard to believe it's 2 years since that horrible day

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Gosh, has it really been that long?

Gail, please know that Sheba is at peace at the Bridge. Justice was done, you fought a good fight in her honor. And Karma will see to the rest of justice that the courts couldn't do.

Sheba is always with you. She is with you with every breath you take, and loves you not only for what you did for her in life, but also what you did for her in death.

Bless you both.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Sheba's death was a tragedy. Rest in peace, beloved kitty.
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I am sorry I don't know the story about your cat Sheba. Hugs and peace to you. May your memories of her bring you much comfort.
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RIP Sheba

Where has the time gone? to you, Gail.
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Rest in Peace Sheba. May you always know you are loved.
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I am sorry you had to say goodbye to Sheba
I know it seems a long time, but the time you have been away from each other is a breath in the life of the world, just as it will be to Sheba now she is happy and enjoying her new life in heaven,where there is no time and she will play happily and watch over you till you both meet again....she will always love you and she will bring back the memories you thought you forgot about, for you to treasure.

R.I.P Sheba
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Anniversaries are always hard, and I hope that visiting her grave and looking at her pics brought some comfort to you. RIP little one, do send a message to your mum sometime.
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Heidi is so right- you fought the good fight and karma will do it's thing.
to you on this sad anniversary. I guarantee you that Sheba is in an incredible place and purring down on you .
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RIP Sheba you were loved by so many but none more than your Mommy. Play with my Dani and all the happy kitties of Rainbow Bridge where no evil can ever touch you again.

We all love you Sheba!
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Rest in peace Sheba, remember to look in on your family at this time when they miss you so.
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