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The Daily Thread Tues Sept 26, 06

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Happy Threading!
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Well come on have to start off with your day
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Good morning!

Hope everyone has a good day.

In my case, I'll settle on surviving. Things are though right now and I'm feeling down. School is hard and I feel like I'm in way over my head. Also, money is running out... which means that my financial situation is now really dependent on my ex paying me the money he owes me. Also, my love life looks like it will stay the same (i.e. non-existant) for a while longer. You know... I really wish I could have a shot at a relationship BEFORE I get my heart broken. Isn't this how things usually work?

So yeah, I'll just try to get through the days and hopefully things will get better soon.
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Good Morning Fellow Cat Crazies!!!

I had a great time playing with the kits last night.... and checking out some photos in Fur pics....I wish I could look at them all, but it takes so long for each page to load at home when there is alot of stuff on it. And at work, we are blocked from photobucket, so I can't see any pics here either. I slept great last night, and had a handsome little devil that slept in between my feet. This morning my LuckyGirl hopped up on the bed and woke me with a little nudging of her head, she is getting to be such a big girl now....I never realized how grown up she was getting till we got Louie.

Hope you all have a great day!!!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew View Post
Well come on have to start off with your day
I get side tracked, cause I'm at work....and I'm always thinking someone is gonna start the daily thread at the same time as me, cause I'll be answering the phone right in the middle of it....
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The day is starting sunny and up to 70F today!!
Sad news-it was 2 yrs ago that I lost sheba so I'm a but weepy today.
But to make me feel a bit better I'm finally getting my hair chopped off and re-colored (its been 4 months)!!!
Have to plant one clients containers with fall plants, dig out part of a peony at anothers (I keep the "leftovers"!!) and mark some hostas that have to be moved and edge a perennial bed at a 3rd clients house. Did some billing and updating my accts already too!!
Nothing else planned-trying to think of something yummy for dinner to go with salad and twice baked potatoes!!
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Its been a great day so far! Only 1 more week til I get to go home and see my family, and John is coming with!

We are having a huge car sale at work today, and they've flown in 9 salesmen from Texas and let me tell you.... they are GORGEOUS! They have that wonderful accent, and are as sweet as can be... I don't think I'll be complaining ONE BIT for the next 3 days at work

I sit in the office right off the showroom, so I have a great view!

Me and the girls in the office are having a wonderful time!

Happy Tuesday!
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Coming to you from the local library because the computer is in the shop.

I shut it off because of the storms we had on Friday night and it wouldn't start up again on Saturday.

So I am now going through a bad case of TCS withdrawal.

Otherwise - it's a nice sunny day and in the 70s.
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Mackenzie.....bring your camera phone and shoot us some pics!!! Share the view with your fellow TCSers!!!! (gotta love a cowboy! )

Jan, That is SO frusterating!!!! Sending you lots of luck to getting your 'puter fixed!

Gail, Good luck with your hair appt! Enjoy being pampered you deserve it! Sorry about your Sheba.....hope you feel better....
PS...I went & got bungee cords for the top of my locking trash cans....this should keep my mamouth racoon at bay for a little while....unless he's got a switchblade I don't know about!
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Good Afternoon all! Well vacation didn't start out well. I left work Thursday and my car over heated. Well it got so hot that it melted stuff and I blew a head on my engine! So I am in the gas guzzler till that gets fixed and who knows how long that will take.

But vacation was great! The weather was awesome. No rain the whole time. 90 degree weather so we went to Epcot and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure as soon as they opened. We rode everything we wanted to will little to no waiting in lines. Swam in the pool and ate like a pig!! But we are flat broke!!

My mom cleaned my house from top to bottom while I was gone to so I came home to a spotless house!! No complaining from me!!
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Brandi, it must be Orlando that does it to cars....we drove there in our Lexus truck, it was only 4 yrs old with 70 thousand miles on it, and kept better than millionaires girlfriend, and we broke down on the way home from Disney....2 hours away from home, and 3am, and Jazzy was in the back seat crying from swimmers was the transmission, it cost us $600 to get towed home, we had to push it up hill to a hotel in Tysons corner Virginia....I was across the street from Saks and couldn't spend a dime we were SO broke!!! We ended up just buying a new truck, but had to pay to get that one fixed to even trade it in!!! That sucks for you, I'm sorry..... but so glad you had a great time!!!

PS.....I totally forgot the radio ? after you left! It seems you were my reminder!!!
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Humm....this morning I woke up and went to my class. After that I applied to a few places to hopefully find a second job. After that I came back to Colin's house. We watched Judge Alex and the news for a bit lol...we played with Kenzie and Fosters for a good hour or so....Fosters has almost completely inilated that rope toy...and Kenzie think's her foster meowmy's feet taste deliscious! Ouch!!! Right now, I'm working on a mass communication project and my conctacts are dried out! I feel like i have sandpaper in my eyes! Oh, and my Gingersnap candle smells deliscious!!!!
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well, ive had a bad day with the interview so i have been down pretty much since.
I am nearly done painting the bedroom, it took me about 3 hours when it should have only taken one hour because i was on the verge of crying and couldnt concentrate.
My bf is going to comfort me in about an hr when he is done with work!
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We took the truck to Orlando. I was just heading home so we could leave for Orlando!! Then I was so upset about the car (crying because it was my fault and Lee was quite obviously PO'd at me) I forgot a ton of last minute stuff I was supposed to pack (cell charger namely, and the video camera) Oh well!! Life goes on!
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Well, I will volunteer if the daily thread is not started by the time I get to work at 0630 eastern time, I'll start one from now on...

Good evening!
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