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I found a home for one of my kitties tonight. I wasn't expecting to, but an old friend of my husband's stopped by tonight with his wife to visit, and she told us how they had to put their very old cat to sleep, just today...and how hard it was for the kids, (she has a 12 yr old girl and 13 yr old boy)

She started playing with my kittens, and really fell in love with Charlotte. I could see how badly she wanted her, so I asked if she would like to take her home. She said Yes, of course, so I loaned her my cat carrier to take her home in, and she has promised to take her to the vet for shots, and have her spayed when she is older.

It was hard to let her go...little Charlotte was a sweetie....and to hear her meowing sadly in the cat carrier as they left about broke my heart...I fear she will think I just didn't want her, and I worry how she will adjust to the new surroundings, and without her brother and sister to play with. I am sure I am just being over protective, but I am just hoping I did the right thing.

I am going to call them in a couple days and see how Charlotte is doing.
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It sounds like you found her a good home. Just keep that fresh in your mind when you think of her. And since you sent her to a friend you will be able to see her grow up.
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Actually I don't know this woman, it was the first time we had met, but her husband and mine are old school buddies. They live about 45 minutes from here. She seemed really nice, though, and I can at least call to check on the kitty, and I got their e-mail address.

The moma cat who had these kittens was a cat who once in awhile showed up here, but didn't actually belong to me. She was a stray. She decided this was a good place to have her kittens, and since I didn't want them to grow up wild, I snatched them when they were old enough and brought them inside and fed them myself. I also mananged to get the moma cat into a cat carrier and took her in and had her spayed.
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Debby - It's great news that you found someone to love your little kitten. Just think how spoiled she'll be in her new home and how loved. It is hard to say goodbye, but sometimes it's a positive thing. She'll have a great life!
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Oh Debby - I KNOW how hard it is to say goodbye to those little furry puff balls! I still bug everyone big time that has adopted Goldie's babies! You visit with Charlotte's new momma and as days go by, it does get easier! Keep us posted?
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It sounds like you found a great home for Charlotte! I'm sure it was hard to let her go. I think it's great you live kind of nearby & can email one another.
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I talked to her on the phone yesterday, and she said Charlotte, who has been renamed, "Lucky" by her daughter, is doing fine!! They took her to the vets and had her all checked out, and she seems to be adjusting well...the woman said her daughter is spoiling her like crazy! So I am relieved!
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Lucky is a cute name. Glad to hear she is doing good, and is being spoiled rotten!
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She definately is "Lucky" to have had 2 loving families!
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