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i failed my interview :(

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I just had my interview, i had to do a test, and had to answer simple questions... well out of 30 points you had to have over 24 to get the job. I just missed it by 1 point as i had 23.

But there was a question that struck me because i was slightly confused it asked.
Whats the capital city of USA? Now i think it was wiconschin but i know i didnt spell it right..
I should have known this question as so many of you come from the USA

Anyway i nearly cried on the way home, my face was so red

Can some of you spare some vibes for me? i need a job asap
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Is it not Washington?. I'm thick at geography

Awww Fran i'm so sorry chick
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I'm really sorry that you didn't get the job Fran...I myself have been having difficulty with the job search....the only way I get through all of it and keep a smile on my face is to think about it this way.....

You didn't get this job because there is something even better around the corner!
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I hope so, time is getting nearer that my parents have to leave, and i dont know how i am goign to finance anything next month
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{{{vibes}}} for you Fwan.

Not sure what kind of job requires you to know what the US capital is , so maybe Miss Mew is right and you are destined for something better...
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Washington D.C

what a Silly question to ask why would you need to know that?
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Don't worry - we have all failed interviews at some time or other. Each one is practice for the next. Keep cheerful and a great job will turn up soon.
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Fran sweetie you will get something
I have been having loads of interviews recently and wasn't getting anything but have just been offered 2 jobs in 2 days Now I have to decide which one...
You will be fine. I know it's scary and stressful though. And that sounds like a stupid question.
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Good luck and try not to be discouraged. It always seems that when you LEAST expect it something comes along. It might not be exactly what you wanted, but it saves the day and might turn out better than expected. It is always so stressful going for interviews and testing - it isn't fair to me because it is only a snapshot and doesn't really show what you can really do in the long run or big picture. My thoughts are with you to find something soon and something really good. Hang in there!
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So sorry to hear. But keep looking, I know something is out there. I personally hate questions like that. I have always believed that it is more important to know where to find the answer than to have a bunch of irrevelant facts cluttering my brain.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
Don't worry - we have all failed interviews at some time or other. Each one is practice for the next. Keep cheerful and a great job will turn up soon.
Fran, Jenny is right.............something wonderful is waiting for you..keep looking!!
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I think you were trying to spell Wisconsin (my home state) instead of WashingtonDC. If you aren't really familar with all parts of the US its can be a bit confusing. What was this job that you had to take a quiz??? Have you tried applying at clothing shops or other retail stores for jobs???
Sending job vibes to you{{{}}}}
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I am so sorry Fran . But this kind of thing definitely happens for a reason...the right job is awaiting you!!
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Hang in there Fwan

I would have been po'd if I had applied for a job, and they asked me questions about German geography That's just an odd question.
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Oh I'm sorry Fran Like others have said, something better is right around the corner!
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Thanks guys!!
Well i had to answer these silly questions because i applied to work at the postoffice to sort out mail!
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Sorry you didnt get the job. But its Washington D.C.
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I am so sorry fwan. You WILL find something..I just know it! Keep your chin up!
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It's Washington D.C. (it sounds like you just made a small mistake and confused it with Wisconsin- they sound similarr- don't feel bad sweetie, anyone who is not from around here could have easily counfused it, especially when you live in another country!) Try to cheer up, you will find the right job eventually! I have no doubt about it! You are a smart, intelligent woman....keep your chin up and keep job hunting!! I'm rooting for ya!
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Fran, I believe in must not have been meant to be...something will come along better for you!!!
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Don't worry too much Fran! The right job will find you yet. Anyone would be lucky to have you as an employee(or supervisor!).
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I didn't have to take any written tests this last time I was looking for a job but I did have to interview. I thought I had failed the interview miserably for the job I got. I went on interviews for two other jobs after this one and thought I did well and the one that I thought I had blown was the job I got. I started this job the week of my 49th birthday and it had been 19 years since I had last looked for a job, if someone in my circumstances can get a job anyone can. You will find the right job.
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I agree with everyone else, Fran. It's too bad that you failed the test, but I firmly believe (and know from experience) that when fate closes a door it opens a window. There's something better out there waiting for you to find it!
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