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Just to say thanks

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Thanks to you all for the vibes and good wishes about my father. I am glad to say he is much better after his fall, though he has two black eyes and a bandage on his nose. My mother is much calmer. As they are both 93 anything like that is a big worry.
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Oh Jenny. I'm so glad they are both doing better
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That really is wonderful news that they are both doing a lot better now!

Continued Health, Healing and Calming }}}VIBES{{{ heading their way
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Glad to hear your Dad is getting better. How are you feeling now?
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Happy to hear your dad is better!
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Thats a good piece of news!!
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Jenny that is great news!!
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Glad to hear the good news
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As for myself, I can't believe it will be three weeks tomorrow since I was bitten - I am going to the clinic daily for dressing and monitoring and the nurse told me this morning that one of the sites is looking better, though they are both still weeping and there is some swelling. It doesn't hurt so much though and I think it is all improving. I look so silly with this net bandage 'cap' on my head, so I have taken to wearing a hat! Good news though has cheered me up _ I got an email this morning confirming that I am invited to Costa Rica for three weeks in February ( I was one of three possibles) to give a series of lectures on 'Media and Ethno-cultural War' at the UN University for Peace. So now I have something to work for over the next four months that will take my mind off all the problems of the house.
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Wow that sounds like it will be a fabulous opportunity! I've been thinking I would like to go to Costa Rica at some point, it looks like a beautiful country. Glad your wounds are feeling a bit better, and that your Dad is making a good recovery!
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