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Help For Nippie

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Hello Everyone! Nippie is still having problems. I have it narrowed down to a behavior problem. Now I'm looking to regulate his eating schedule, in hopes that it will regulate his "potty" schedule. If anyone has any suggestions on how to do this please let me know... Nippie is the type of kitty that you can leave him food for three days and he is alright. He never overeats, and I don't want to upset him anymore than he already is.. It has been hard enough to get him to swallow a "half" of a pill. I would appreciate any suggestions..

Thanks to All of My CAT and Kitten Mommies and Daddies out there....

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I assume this is still the litterbox problem, pooing just outside the box? What have you tried so far, so we aren't repeating ourselves and can come up with more creative solutions if need be.

The easy solutions - add a litterbox, try a different litter, move the box to a different location. I'm sure there a many more in the sticky up top.
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What kind of antianxiety medication is Nippy on?

A friend's cat was put on valium for the same problem. It was too difficult to use and seemed to change the cat's personality and to make her drunk. I suggested using Rescue Remedy instead. You can put the RR in the cat's water or you can put the drops in about a teaspoon of canned food. She found that although the RR didn't completely solve the potty problem, it reduced the number of accidents tremendously and got the cat back to normal personality-wise.

Have you tried the extra litter box or changing litter? Is the box covered? How about spraying your bedspread with citrus scent. What about some of the other suggestions in the sticky post?
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