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Introducing new kitten

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Hello, this is my first time here so I hope I do it right!

We got a cat about 3 months ago (Wombat) and he is now about 6 months old. He has tons of energy so we thought it would be good to get him a friend, especially while hes young. So about three days ago we got our new kitten (Sinatra) who is 3 months old now.

So far they seem to do ok with each other, but Wombat starts to get a little rough especially when Sinatra gets on the couch. We pay as much if not more attention to Wombat, thats what I have read to do for the first couple days, but it seems that he is still a little jealous. What worries us is that Wombat is being very dominant, he puts his entire mouth around Sinatra's neck and holds him down. He doesnt hurt him and Sinatra never makes a peep but I am wondering if this is normal behavior. Also we didnt have them seperated the first night and day and they seemed fine but we are going to keep them seperated now while we are not home and at night to see if it helps any.

Does anyone have any suggestions? And has anyone had issues with the neck thing?

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My cats hold each other down by the neck all the time. It's a way of showing dominence and submission in many cases. As long as the held cat is not distressed, I wouldn't worry. I would continue to keep them seperated until you're confident with their relationship, though.
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