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Happy birthday dad

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Today would be my dad's 51st birthday. He died 22 years ago, not long after my 4th birthday, and my brother was almost 5.

My aunt (his sister) died just before him at 24 from an aortic aneurysm, and all of the other "kids" got checked, but they managed to miss my dad's bulging aneurysm in his chest, and he died just 2 weeks later when his aorta split while riding his motorbike home from work. They got him to hospital but the damage was done and they could not save him.

It was so long ago and I barely remember him, but his memory lives on, and the hurt never ends.

I know he's looking down watching everything I do, and I hope I'm doing him proud.

Happy birthday dad.
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I feel so bad for your dad. Today is my birthday also.

I hope everything will be alright with your guys and your soul can find some solace.
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your dad still lives as a part of you.
they are never really gone as long as you remember them.
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Sarah that is so lovely that you are sharing this with us.
I bet you he is the proudest father on the rainbow bridge right now
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