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flea bites

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I always see people on here posting that they are getting flea bites, from their kittys, and that is how they know their cats have fleas..
IF a human gets a bite , what exactly is it??

Is it just like a pimple, or a fly bite, that is itchy??
Just wondering, I went out this weekend, and had the chance to get bitten by flies, but I got worried because I was fostering so many cats too..
I have checked them all, and dont see a thing, as me and frontline have been side by side.
But just wondered what a flea bite really felt/looked like

I do mean on humans that is
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I've had one, and it was a small, itchy, red bump.
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It reminds me of a miniature skeeter bite!
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They are kinda like little mosquito bites, though it depends on the person. I happen to be a fleas delite, not sure why but they like me. I am allergic which happens usually to people with skin allergies, and they like the tender tissue areas. In general you will notice your kitty scratching and nibble-cleaning more than usual if there is a flea problem. Often cats will groom fleas out of thier coats if there is not a flea infestation. The "old school" flea collar works very well if you don't want to go the chemical skin treatment .................. I had a very possitive results with the Heart's 7 month, 2 in 1 collar after bringing fleas home from the vets!
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