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Help!!! Kitten not going Pee/Poo

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I found two feral kitten last nite and brought them home. They are aprroximately 4-5 weeks old judging by the fact that their ears are up and iris starting to change colour. They r eating fine (bought them KMR) and they look quite healthy to me (I even saw the two of them playing with each otehr). The only problem is they r not going pee/poo!!!!

I talked to a lady working in a rescue group last nite, she said I have to stimulate them by wiping a wet cottom at their bottom. I tried but it didn't work.

Today i tried all 3 method mentioned at this site

and none of them seem to work.

Help! what can I do.

I have them since laste nite 6 pm, it's approximately 30 hrs now.
The rescue lady told me that if they don't go pee/poo they can die due to kidney failure. Is there any other metod that I could try to stimulate them to go???

Another question is, when i try to soak their bottom at warm water and make them go, could it be that they went in the water and i din'dt notice? the water is still very clear after my attempt, I don't see any poo, but i dunno if there could be any urine in there.
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They could have gone under the faucet. Their pee usually isn't very concentrated (yellow) so it would be nearly impossible to tell under running water.

IME, most kittens will pee if you just touch their anal area.

Pooping is okay... my kittens would generally poop once a day, but if yours haven't eaten in a bit (like, if you're the first one to feed them in a day or two) they probably won't poop for a bit.

If you can't verify urine, I'd take them to the vet.
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Was there any indication of their mother where you found them? I am concerned about her - when you spoke to the rescue lady, did she ask about Mom? Hopefully, they will try to send someone out to find her and take proper care of her.

As for the kittens, at 4 to 5 weeks old, you shouldn't need to stimulate these babies. 4 to 5 DAYS old, certainly yes, but if you do actually think they are 4 to 5 WEEKS old, then they are old enough to be going on their own.

Since they are feral, you may want to give them a more natural environment in which to adjust to life indoors. Try using potting soil in a large, low-sided tray instead of a normal litter box arrangement. And don't be horribly concerned that they haven't gone yet ... with the change in their diet, digestive issues may be the problem for now. They will more than likely go when they adjust.

Since you have no history on these kittens, it would probably be best for you to get them in to see a vet very, very soon. They would be better able to counsel you on what to do for them since they are really too young to be away from their mother. You can try feeding them a little human meat-only baby food (no onions, garlic or other veggies - just meat and broth ... I like the chicken or lamb varieties for kittens) gently warmed and served on a small, flat saucer, not in a bowl. You mentioned you got some KMR and that they are eating it well - are you bottle-feeding or are they lapping it from a saucer? If they are lapping on their own, you can give them real mushy canned kitten food mixed with the KMR (I also like Goat's Milk for kittens) or the human baby foods.

Best of luck, I hope you will keep us updated.
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one of them went peeing, finally, on his own. the other one still hasn't gone yet.
Thanks gayef, i was so worried sick and afraid they'll die.

the one who went peeing, can lap the KMR from the dish i gave him.
The other one i'm still using a syringe to feed her.

i can't afford to bring them to vet, the KMR alone cost me $45 already. I've spoken to the rescue lady and she said they need to ask for donation if i give them the kitty, she also said everywhere i go they'll ask for donation too. (is that true??) So I've decided to keep the kitten for at least one week, ask around to see anyone i know wanted to adopt them. It's probably better than giving donation and then placing them to some rescue /shelter that i dunno what will happen to them.

I spoke to a few of my friends who also have cats, they r interested in adopting, so once I found someone to adpt the kitten, they'd be able to bring them to vet.

As for the mom concern, i saw her too, she didn't seem to care when i touch and pick up her baby to go home. I took the kitten becuz it's getting cold now and they r both shivering and i'm afriad they'll die. Maybe it wasn't a good thing to do, taking them home......

The rescue lady told me that as long as we r willing to donate $55 they can come and trap the mom and fix her, so meanwhile we should keep feeding her so it's easier to trap her in the future. I put food out for her once a day now.
(i found her and the baby a couple street away from my home)

another concern is the girl (the one who hasn't pee yet) is so stressed out, she's constantly hissing at me or whatever noise upset her. What can I do to help her?

They are both very beautiful kittens,

They are very bond to each other, If anyone is interested in adopting them both and have experience with kitten, please PM me. Note that I"m from Toronto, Canada
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