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Bad Boy Alert!!! Louie D-Boy at his best!

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So I'm making dinner & the kitts are running through the house like kitty nascar. And then it got quiet, and from in the kitchen I hear this little, "mew, mew, meow, meow" I look under the couch, behind the couch, in the hall closet, in the tub in the linen closet, and then I go into Jazzy's room & I hear it again "mew, mew" but it's quiet so I go back into the hall, and hear it again, behind me, so I turn around and this is what I find:

notice that this is the TOP of Jazzy's bedroom door, the door I pushed open to go into her room, and that's my hand trying to spot him in case he falls....and I always have my camera ready so I called for hubby to take a pic.

So then I watched him to see how he got up there.....(cause you know he was gonna just go right back to trying to get up there again )

this is the ikea hanging thingy that Jazzy keeps her shoes in, it hangs on the back of her door....

"What Meowmy?! You know you love the bad boys!!!! Eat your heart out girlies!!!!"

(and as a mommy I must add, isn't he just the prettiest colors? he's silver like a wild rabbit....but his eyes are starting to turn greenish/yellowish, they used to be slate grey, like his fur....such a pretty baby boy!!!!)
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So cute! And they do get into the darndest places, don't they!
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Now now Louie You can't be doing that....Although....It does look comfy
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awww what a cute terror!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl View Post

That pic is sooo adorable!!
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Awww, hes so cute. His colours remind me of Zebra, except for Zebra has orange spots.
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I swear, you must have your camera around your neck at all times - By the time I get the camera when I catch mine in a compromising position, it's always too late!

What a little cutie pie Louie is - that's what I love about kittens, it's always something!
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Thanks everyone!!! I do keep my camera out & ready to go! And I always have fresh batteries, and back up memory cards! They do so many cute things I just don't wanna miss 1 second of it!!!
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Cuteness Alert Smilie Required

oh my dear - like a barrel of monkies -cats are always up to no good
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Yeah, half the time you can't even get mad at him cause he's so stinkin' cute! And when you pick him up to holler at him about what he's done wrong (i.e broke into the hall closet & knocked the ajax into the laundry hamper) he just purrrrrrs at you as loud as possible cause you picked him up!
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Oh my goodness Heather........your little boy is just TOOOOO cute!!!
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Those pics are too cute!! Little crazy kitty!!! He's a doll I can't believe how big he's getting already!
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Tooo cuttee!!! That's soo funny too... Top of the door mate!!
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Hehe, aww, what a sneaky little guy!! Great pics, he's too cute!!
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