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Late Night Face Cleaning?

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So Anya has been doing this for a couple of weeks now, but we've just now decided we think we know why she's doing it. Plus she's doing it more now.

She wakes Brian up around 4:00 am every single morning (lately she's done it again around 6:30ish.) She crouches on his chest and licks the stubble on his chin until she has it sufficiently wet and then rubs he head on it. Then she repeats...and repeats...and repeats. He said this morning his chin felt raw.

A few weeks ago I asked Brian if he ever saw her clean her face. He answered no, but that she didn't groom any part of her body as much as the cats he had grown up with. We have always attributed it to her being taken away from her mom at around 5 weeks or so and not really learning the grooming process from her or other cats.

We've decided that this nighttime ritual is her face cleaning. And she's very insistent about it. If Brian turns his head, she'll lay across his face so she can get to his chin and he won't move. The only thing he can do is pull the covers over his head, but then she comes to me and wakes me up to complain that daddy is being a meanie.

Anybody else ever experience this? Is there a way to teach her to groom her face herself without the aid of Brian's stubble? My poor husband is becoming more than a little sleep deprived because of this, but he's loves her so much he just lets her do it until she finishes and then rolls over.
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LOL, I don't have any suggestions, but it sounds awfully cute!!!! And what a nice tolerant "Daddy"
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That is actually rather funny. She is treating your husband like an animated scratching post.

Ummm, he might try shaving before going to bed?
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How fortunate you are to have such an understanding husband. And how cute. Although I imagine the cute factor isn't really high at 4:00 a.m. I hope you guys figure it out before he loses to much more sleep.
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What about a second kitten? One that has been properly weaned from it's mother. Maybe they could mutually groom each other and the little one would learn the proper technique?

Or you could try a damp face cloth. Wrap a bit of it around your finger and lightly groom her with it in short strokes on her face and neck and paws. Maybe she will pick up the technique from that.
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A new kitten would probably teach her, but another cat just isn't in the cards right now. Then again maybe she would just teach the new kitten her fancy cleaning method and then Brian would have two of them to fend off at night.

Plus, I don't think its so much she doesn't know how to groom her face now that I've observed her all night. I think she just doesn't like to do it herself. She's found an easy way to do it, and I can't say I blame her. Why would you want to lick YOUR paw and then wipe the dirt from your face onto it. EW. So much more ladylike and clean to wipe the dirt on daddy's face.

Poor Brian. Maybe he'll get at least a little sleep tonight.
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I would deny her access, consistantly. If she has to find another way, she will. Letting her get away with it here and there will only encourage her to keep trying. Good Luck!
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Try to find a real brush that has short bristles and a flat back (vs rounded) at the pharmacy or wherever, and glue it to a short, flat piece of board. Ask your husband to (one time only) slightly dampen the brush and then rub it across his chin a couple of times before bed, then use it on the cat. Keep your door closed afterward, but also keep up the brushing every night so the cat gets the idea and learns to like the brush.
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There is a sort of arched scratching post that allows the cat to rub against bristles. You might try getting one of these and introducing kitty to it.
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Thank you Gizmo! That's the part I forgot to mention... attach it some place (using the board glued to the brush)! I really shouldn't post when I'm still asleep :-)!
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Great ideas guys. I know last night she did it so many times that at one point I heard poor Brian whimper as he pulled the covers over his head. It was time for me to get up anyway so I grabbed Miss Anya and gave her lots of attention before I started getting ready.

I'll look for a post with bristles and/or a rbush to attach to something.
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I had to teach our new kitten to groom himself. I used a warm we washcloth and sponge bathed his body. He picked it up. I figured it works for teaching to poop (replication of mothers tounge theroy) so why not grooming?
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i taught my fosters to groom themselves the same way as the pp, but since she appears to not like grooming herself, the bristle post or brush on a board is probably best. Good luck!
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