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Our cat Beau attacks the groceries. Seems everytime we bring them into the house we forget about the little threat. He'll shred a zuchini to the point you have to toss it. He goes right through plastic wrap to get at breads. Today I left a package of fresh Jalapenos on the counter. Before I could stop him he sunk his teeth into the peppers. Poor thing kept rolling his head and twisting his toung as to clean his mouth out. He even tried moving to different locations figuring the burn would not follow. He was ok five minuits later.
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Oh that will teach him! Maybe! Oh poor baby!!!
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aauwwsss he sounds like a right little nutter! hope he remembers that horrible feeling next time you come home with shopping! but then again....maybe not
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It's a lesson learned, that's for sure. Maybe in the long run it's best that he learns it this way...it prevents him getting into something that is really dangerous for him--such as chocolate or house plants!
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Awww, poor baby. lol My Trixter will attack groceries, too. When he was first starting to feel better after starting insulin therapy for his diabetes, he was laying on the kitchen table (yes, he's the king), and he grabbed a baggy with a tomato in it, and began kicking it. lol, when i tried to pull it away he sunk his teeth in, then pulled them out and sunk them in again! lol I have t say, it was rather amusing. I am glad it wasn't a pepper, though. Your poor sweety! Kitties can be so naughty! lol, Trixter won't rip the bags on bread, but he loves to use the loaves as pillows! lol
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My 2 male cats love to walk around everywhere. Counters/tables...blah blah the whole 9. (not when we eat though, they seem to respect that)

One day i was grilling out and left the Bovril (sauce for chicken/steak from canada, real good and salty, you can even make soups out of it etc...) in a bowl on the counter.

Fantom went to take himself a lick...boy i never laugh so hard. I saw spit go everywhere. He couldnt get it out of his mouth fast enough. He did not enjoy it at all.... It was hillarious. Needless to say he has not licked anything else since. He leaves my food alone.
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I don't think he learned a lot from the experience. He was right back at it today when I brought in more bundles and he was fangs first into the bagels. I'll have to check into that Bovril. I like to cook. Sounds interesting.
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Persi has no interest in the groceries in the shopping bag. It is when the groceries are taken out and the empty shopping bag becomes available that he goes wild. It makes me wonder why I bother buying him toys.
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LOL yeah, isn't it funny? Cats (like small children) enjoy simple little things like bags, boxes, the lil seal from a carton of milk, and ignore a lot of the toys we get them... haha
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