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Same problem as Lunchbox

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I just logged on to post a question about my Chachi. She came home limping.
In my case she does eat as usual and I am able to pet her. I touched all four legs and she didn't appear to react negatively about it. Her front right leg does seem a little turned to the side. Also, she was able to lick both front legs and washed herself and there didn't seem to much of a problem although she does appear a little depressed.
Is there a chance that it can be broken?
I'd appreciate your help.
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How old is she? Which leg is bothering her? She may have fallen and sprained her leg, or she may have a broken toe--I was at the vet today and one of the other people in the waiting room had brought her cat in for limping, and the cat had a broken toe.
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She is about 3 years old. I got her because she came on her own.
Her front right paw is the problem.
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I would suggest having her seen by a vet, especially since she seems depressed.
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There are different types of fractures and some are less obvious than others. If she doesn't seem to be in distress, you could keep a close eye on her and take her in if the problem doesn't resolve.

If she's limping, she's probably feeling some pain or discomfort, but there may not be a definate way to tell if there's a fracture without x-rays being done.
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One of my cats who goes outdoors for a couple of hours a day came in limping one day. It was also his front paw. I examined it and saw nothing. By afternoon he wasn't acting quite right so I took him to the vet. At first glance she saw nothing but then she spread his paw open and between his toes was a horrible, deep pucture wound. It was totally not visible until she spread the paw open. He likes to jump up on my chain link fence and chase the lizards that are always crawling along it and we figured that when he jumped up his paw landed on one of the spikes. It was pretty nasty and already getting infected. Anyway, just a thought. If you haven't already you might want to check good between her toes.
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I will check her paws.
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Actually, it's back to the vet for Vala. I thought it was simply a wound on her bum that just needed ointment but now, inexplicably, she has a new wound festering on her hind leg between her back and her thigh. I was petting her today and noticed some clumped hair, I felt it and it was moist. I didn't spray her for anything (eg, she wasn't a naughty kitty) and it was a sticky, warm oozing substance. I checked under the light. It's a wound that has pus all over it.

We're going to the vet tomorrow.
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I'm glad she's going to the vet. Cats' wounds often heal over too quickly, and they can form abscesses that then burst--hence the warm sticky stuff you felt. The vet will probably shave the area, open up the wound and flush it out. They may also put a drain in to keep the wound open and have you continue to flush it out to keep it clean. Antibiotics are often given as well.
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