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from pudsey to riddick5r44444t/****************

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Our pudsey
how I miss her still the purr that greeted me every morning for breakfast the cuddles
I got Pudsey when she was eight weeks old back in 1989 and sadly this year she was put to sleep as she fell ill with stomach cancer at the age of 16 and a half yrs old 27/02/2006
I was with her till the end with her in my arms at the vet, I didnt want to leave her without telling her I will alway love her and carry her in my heart while she pass on with me kissing her between the ears with the vet beside me.
well 3 months ago I walked into a pet shop and there was kitten black and white at first sight his coming on for 16 weeks old now and if I did"t know better I"d say his got sixteen and half years head start his awake by night cheeky by day and we called him Riddick from the film this last week his been trying out for the andrex puppy advert all over the bathroom me I and clean it all up get the hoover which he loves
my husband say as every day goes by he is certain that pudsey has come back riddick is so much like her but riddick is a boy and you know as I was sitting here with a tear in my eye he made me laugh
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ah talk of the devil
he walked all over the key board and finish that title 5r444 etc you see his crazy his turned on printer oh boy you see its that time 12 midnight and his just warming up but I would"nt change for the word

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Condolences on the loss of Pudsey, and congrats on adopting Riddick the typist! Sounds like he has really become a member of the family.

Rest in peace, Pudsey, dear girl!
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You and Pudsey shared a lot of love and happy times in your life together,She will be so happy you opened your heart to another baby so soon after her passing.

R.I.P Dear Pudsey
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I'm sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace Pudsey.
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You are not the only crazy one. When we had our 16 year old Border Collie PTS, we lasted about a month before we got Shiba( Border collie and Shiba Inu) and I swear she is Mikki reincarnated! She acts so much like her in so many ways. It could just be that Riddick "spoke" to you to be taken home cuz he knew he was exactly what you needed. A new baby with his own personality but just enough of Pudsey to remind you of your love for her every day! RIP Pudsey, you were obviously very loved. And Riddick, you lucky cat, you are in for years of love!
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