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Worried about Jasmines eye

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We've been in our new house a few months ago now, and maybe a few weeks after we movied in, Jasmines eye started getting red, and then weeping (just clear fluid). She was taken to the vet, given tablets, cream to put in every day etc. It seemed to clear up, but if you look closely, it is still wetter than the other eye. I'm getting worried. After being told my boyfriends cat has FIV and Cleo still needs injections against it, im worried Jaz might be sick. I told mum we should take her again but she got angry, she works full time and the vet bill just for the medication was expensive. We don't know if she got stung by a bee or her eye got scratched (well the skin around and the inner lid were red, not the eyeball obviousely).

I was away on this weekend, and when i came home dad told me Jasmine acted weird. She didn't do her usual crazyness under the couch, just buried herself straight into the blanket. I tried playing with her this morning, but only got one bite and a lick, even though she was purring her head off. She's all curled up on the couch and is acting like she's 15, not 2

Hopefully tonight i can get her to play, every day her kitteness comes out, so i'm a little worried. I don't know if she is sick, or she got beaten up. She has no wounds and hasn't cried when i've touched her.

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Cats will often purr when they are in pain or distress, so I would suggest you try to get her another vet visit. Do you work part-time or earn any monies that you could help your mom with in order to pay for the vet visit?
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She really needs to be rechecked by the vet
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My boyfriend told me that she could have damaged her tear duct and that she could have a slightly weepy eye for a long time, even if it isn't serious
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If there is a chance it damaged her tear duct she still needs to be rechecked at the vet. A damamged tear duct could put her in line with a bunch of eye problems.
Tear ducts are how they drain and give enough moisture to the eye. I know its up to your parents to take her but maybe you could talk them into it.
Cats dont usually show much pain until its too late. Not to scare you but if something goes unchecked she could lose the eye.
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