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What a day!!

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I mentioned in the Sat daily thread that we had some water in our basement.
Well the day started good-a load of laundry, some dishes, washed more pots-hmmm lets check the basement-more water!!!!
Called a septic service and they came at 10:30 and said yes the tanked needs pumping. Them this afternoon another part of the business came over to "water jet the drainfield lines (translate to mean spend alot of $$$) and to fix something in the tank. I can't imagine having a job where one has to spend time in a spetic tank (GROSS!!) Well $565 later....... everything good to go!!
So for all of you with septic systems, pump your tank regularly and if aolder system add bacteria monthly!!!!
On the other hand I did go shopping between appts, picked up more fall decor stuff, a new purse, some SS stuff and groceries/beer and Honeycrisp apples!!
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Well at least you added fun to a not so fun day and got yourself a treat to top it off
Good for you
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I'm soo sorry you're having plumbing issues! That is no good! Thankfully they were able to successfully fix everything, and you got to go shopping! I once watched "Dirty Jobs"....and one of those was about the people who clean the sewers and jobs of that nature! My hat goes off to those people!! I definitely couldn't do it
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