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The founder of, Alison Gianotto, has been chosen as a finalist for the Animal Planet Hero of the Year Award. She has been working for years developing and maintaining a nationwide database of cruelty cases-- something the FBI has never done.

Her action alerts have helped lead to the convictions of animal abusers across the country. The information on is used by law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and animal welfare advocates. It has been a tremendous help for the Coalition for Animal Justice (a group of TCS members).

Please take a minute to vote for Alison Gianotto and let her know how much you appreciate the great work she has done.

Vote Here
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Voted !!! She needs to get some more votes in !!!
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Voted for her!!

Although the cases an pet abuse .com are very distressing,I believe that site has probably saved thousands of different animals lives by exposing the sick abusers and that is a great thing.
Also That site makes people realise just how rife animal abuse is and the links between animal abuse/ child abuse /and domestic violence.Something that the authorities would prefer to ignore.

So I take my hat off to Allison Gianotto
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They are all deserving, but I was surprised to see the woman who was 'ahead' is doing work that is obviously seen as more glamourous than working with mere dogs and cats. Poor little friends, to be taken for granted....
I also liked the kindly doctor who operates the low cost spay and neuter service. He's doing a major service and deserves some credit.
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Well, glamorous or not, she's apparently made a difference. Maybe she's a "bird person" instead of a cat or dog person...

I voted as well.
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I cast my vote for Allison Gianotto!
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Well done that girl! I voted.
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another vote in the box for Alison................all the others do great work too
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Voted,, she needs more support!
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Voted! She's in 3rd place...
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I will take time to vote. Sheba's abuser is listed on that site and more people need to be aware that this site exists.
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I applaud every one of them, but voted for Allison Gianotto!
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