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I have to get a colonoscopy

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I have to get a colonoscopy! I'm scared! I think I'm more afraid of the procedure than I am about what is wrong with me. My doctor has thought for the past year that I had IBS. Then it was IBS with chronic constipation. Now I have rectal bleeding and it isn't from hemorrhoids or fissures. I know this sounds gross but I am freaking out. I have dismissed the bleeding as hemorrhoids for a long time and to know that isn't the problem scares me. My grandmother died from colon cancer. Everyone including my doctor has thought I was just overeacting for the past year and a half. Today I saw the doctor for something totally unrelated and I get slapped with this. I thought when she examed me today was bad, but now I have to get a colonoscopy! I thought during a colonoscopy they would put you to sleep, but my doctor said today that they just give me some pain medicine to relax me and that I PROBABLY won't remember anything. Probably???!!! I DON'T want to know it even happened!!
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My mom passed from colon cancer at an early age, so I had to have my first colonoscopy a few years ago (I'm due for another in two years). From my experience, and other threads about colonoscopies, the worrying and anticipation before the test is much, much worse than the test itself. Although you won't be "knocked out" fully, you will be very relaxed Don't be scared-I won't say it's the most fun experience you'll ever have, but it's no where near as bad as you think it will be.
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First off.....take a deep breath and calm down sweetie! I recently had EVERYTHING under the sun done...and I'm still alive and kicking You can get through this. I have IBS (which is a spaztic colon), Gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying...and also, my pancrias (sp?) doesn't produce enough enzymes to digest my food, so I have to take pills with everything i eat...it's really not too bad), lactose intolerance, severe GERD, a Hiatial Hernia. I knew something was seriously wrong when i went from a 00- to a 10 in less than 6 months! I was eating healthy and working out regurally....and strangly gaining large amounts of weight and my stomach stayed bloated! In order to figure out what was wrong, my gastroenterologist put me through a ton of tests...and at time i was scared too because I didn't know what was wrong. I had a colonoscopy, upper GI endoscopy, Barium test, Gastric Emptying Study, CT Scan, Ultrasound, MRI, Fecal Test (i can't believe i admited that lol), Celica Test, Diabeties Tests, Bravo PH monitor implanted on m esophagus......and several other tests I can't remember! I have been a human guenie pig for the past year! It's been crazy! So I definitely understand how you feel. The main thing to remember with a colonoscopy- is that the prep is worse than the actual colonospy! If you have an upper and lower endoscopy done at the same time, they will knock you out (with an iv)....so you will be asleep the entire time if you ask to be completely sedated- that's what I did because I had several tests done at the same time. I recommend that. With the prep....they will give you two options, one is a liquid, one is a pill- for the love of all things feline! Take the Pills!!! They won't taste nearly as bad as the liquid. What you will do is about 2 days before the procedure, you will go on an all liquid diet with no red or purple juices( they can dye the lining of your colon and make it look like it is bleeding). I suggest buying some bullon cubes (not the stuff in the box- it's gross)...and eating that, also drink lots of gatoraid and you can have banana popcicles as well as some jello and other things like Ensure. The day before you can only have straight liquids. That night, you start taking all of your laxatives...if you do the pills, you have to take a lot of them at one time...about every 15 minutes....I suggest buying some Cottonelle Fresh Wipes- they will be a lot easier on your bottom than regular TP especially if you have hemmhriod issues. Also, purchase some Tucks pads as well. I suggest stocking up on some magazines and scented candles...you're not going to be able to leave the bathroom for a while. If you can, try to make your colonoscopy appointment as early in the morning as you can get it so you won't be hungry all day. You can eat whatever you want after the procedure is over so long as you feel like it. You will have a bit of bloating and gas after the procedure- this is normal and it goes away after the first day....you may cramp a bit...but nothing serious. You are going to be just fine sweetie! Don't stress! A colonoscopy is really not as bad as it sounds...because you don't remember it....the only bad thing is the prep....once you get through that, the actual procedure is soo easy! When you do have the procedure done, you will need to have someone there to drive you home because you will be a bit sedated from the drugs when you wake up. Other than that you should be fine....your doctor knows what she's doing and will take wonderful care of you. Please don't stress over colon cancer - many times IBS and other problems can cause similar symptoms. Wait until you have a diagnosis- don't stress now! Also, make sure you're well hydrated during the prep so that you do not become dehydrated! You are gonna do just fine! No worries! Please feel free to pm me if you have any questions. I've been there and I understand- I'd be happy to talk to you if you need a friend to walk you through it.

Also, what part of TN do you live in??? I live in Memphis. I went to The Gastroentorology Center of the Midsouth. My doctor is wonderful and always takes the time to answer your questions and walk you through things.
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I agree - been there, done that, the prep is worse than the procedure.

Bottom line is, it is completely worth it to have it done, and you aren't alone. Lots of folks have it done all the time.

You'll be ok! And we're here for you!!!
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Yes really it's not a big deal, you won't know much of anything. The PREP is way worse as far as I'm concerned
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No experience here, just wanted to send lots of hugs and prayers.
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Jerry just went through one, and he ever said the prep wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.......and the test wasn't bad at all he said.......so try to relax.........
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Any updates? When is your colonoscopy scheduled for?
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I have never had that done, but am sending many HUGS to you!! Please let us know what you find out.
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My hubby had that done and didn't feel a thing. He was actually watching the screen and saw the inside of his intestines. He was given seditives for the procedure. You will be fine!
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