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Kitten isn't growing!!

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I have the weirdest question.. But I have to ask.

A stray wandered up to my house over a month ago,, maybe 6 weeks ago to be more exact.

Anyways.. Two were bigger, I was guessing around 3 to 4 months, and 1 was much smaller,, I would say about 6 to 8 weeks tops. One found a home and I still have the other two. Well the bigger one, Alex,, is growing, and he looks like he's grown alot.. The smaller one, Kella, hasn't grown at all!! She looks like she did the day she came to our home. She eats like a piggy. She's been dewormed and medicated for ear mites, and vacinnated. I just don't understand why she is still so small..

It beginning to cause issues with my older cats, becuase they think they can bully her, because she soo small. So she is scared to death of my older cats, Angel and Chestnut (both about 8 months)..

could there be something wrong??
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I know that FIP can cause stunted growth, but you would definitely see other symptoms. There might be other conditions that can cause this, but hopefully kitty's just a late bloomer. We rescued a litter of 5 the day they were born, and that was 5 months ago. The one that started out the largest is now the smallest by far, but I think her daddy was small too, and her mom is tiny. And we have one that is now over 6 years old who is smaller than most of the kittens. She gets bullied quite frequently too, but what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in attitude. Did you ask your vet about it?
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The kitten may just be small. Has she been tested for FEL/FIV yet?
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Check out her chest...she might be an FCK kitten, like my little Layla...
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She could just be a small kitty, my Ismene has been surpassed by my 2 kittens that are 3 months younger than her at 6 months she can't weigh more than 3.5 lbs tops, she also eats like a piggy No one bullies her though (except Jinx and she bullies everybody ) but that might be because 4 of the others are her siblings and the 2 babies were put in line already. Kella may just be a small kitty
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My Tsuki was like that... she was sooo tiny when we found her, and even after we treated her for the coxidia she came with and dewormed and everything, she just didn't grow very much. She's 1 year old now and still weighs under 6 lbs - and she eats more than our new kitten! I wouldn't worry about it too much, but do have her checked for FEL/FIV.
Is she active and otherwise normal? Cats with FLV are usually kind of lethargic, at least the two I've had experience with were.
Anyway, that's my $.2

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How many times have you dewormed her? The reason I am asking is because I have an 8 week old puppy that was not growing too much, but while we were away on vacation he was staying with a vet tech friend of mine and even though he had been dewormed twice he started vomiting and pooping TONS of roundworms. Once on treatment for several days he started growing like a weed and now he is like a beanstalk that we cannot get to stop growing! Just a thought!
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