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Jaz's Sunbeam

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Jaz just loves to relax in sunbeams.

Mmmm...warm...cosy...dont wake me

Better have a wash now i am awake

Aah, happiness is a sun beam....
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I think she must know how well that sun highlights her beautiful red fur!! Absolutely gorgeous...but then i'm biased as i have a weakness for orange tabbies!
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Beautiful kitty there and beautiful pictures !!!!
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Managed to get the camera on the right setting this time
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aw Jaz looks so contented - it makes me feel relaxed just looking at these photos
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Oh, my piccies have gone !
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They must have been too big!

Will you shrink them a little bit? I want to see Jaz!
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Ok i have re-sized them now so hopefully they wont disappear again !

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Now that is one blissed out kitty! I just want to curl up and lie with her!

Thank you for resizing them! Your Jazzy girl is gorgeous!
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I know i shouldn't have a favourite, but Jaz is the love of my life i dont think there will every be another like her for me
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