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Am I a cat napper ?

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Hi everyone thought I would post about this issue and tell me wat u guys think,

well there's this cat that wanders on our street btw it does have a home anyway to cut a long story short I used to hav a fear of cats and everytime this cat came near me I used to tell it to go away and it did, recently I found the cat in my garage asleep so my mum religious as she is says "oh its a sin if u dont give it milk" lol so she gave it milk and food and now it keeps coming back since this it has come inside our house and lets say chilled with us lol it has cured me of my cat fear and now i hav no fear of him, tell u he is a cool little fella so clever I like him a lot, dont worry im not planning to keep him cos he is not mine we always take him out and tell him to go home and he does amazingly.

He does hav a collar with a number on which I hav rung the reason y i took him in is because I thought he was lost, I rang the number and the lady on the phone said he stays out a lot and comes home when he wants.

Jus wanted some info and advice are we doing wrong by inviting him in or should i say him inviting his self in and feeding him.

cos I kinda feel guilty, could he get confused.

should I stop.
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I don't think you should stop. Just think of him as a visiting guest. If he didn't want to eat he wouldn't eat the food you leave out. You might not want to give him milk because it causes diarrhea.
You did the right think when you thought he was lost by calling so I don't think you should feel guilty for letting him visit when he wants too.
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I think it is really awesome that this special little guy has helped you deal with and conquer your fear of kitties! Everything happens for a reason, and he must have been chosen to visit you special.

I would talk to his owner about it to make sure that it is okay with HER, and if she's ok with it, then no reason to stop letting him come in and visit!

Just communicate with her, is all - what if he is on a special diet or has food allergies? If he is supposed to only eat a certain type of food, then ask her if she minds that you store some at your house to have for him when he visits. This is the kind of stuff you should check with the owner about, just so that there are no problems.

And yes, please, don't feed him milk as that can really upset a kitties tummy.

Other than that, sounds like you have a great little furfriend!!!
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Ok cool cheers for the replies guys, yeh he has helped me with the cat fear never had a fear of dogs but this little guy has helped me.

I will stop giving it milk I will keep giving him these little biscuit thingies from time to time.
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And here is the little fella for all to see.

Strange and funny thing he does is he seems to like rubbing the side of his face against table legs people and whatever else he can find ROFL.

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Aaaaaawwwwwww! What a cutie!!!

The reason he is rubbing his cheek on you and your furniture is because he has scent glands in his cheeks, and he is "marking" you and your home with his scent as part of his territory, so that he'll feel even more relaxed when he comes to visit you. He considers you HIS friend, now!!
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Well im back to post again some more curious cat questions, this cat has decided it wants to make our house his new home and he doesnt go home we even feed it now with cat biccys and meat etc, ive never had any real pets so we kind of dont mind, im a dog lover by nature but i like cats as well know, questions i want to ask are as below.

1. Am i wrong in keeping this cat or should i tell its owner and explain whats happening or has be left for a reason

2. He came to the door yday with a bird in its mouth ? someone told me he has brought us a present and he is thanking us for looking after him, is this true.

let me know.

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2. He came to the door yday with a bird in its mouth ? someone told me he has brought us a present and he is thanking us for looking after him, is this true.
Cats will bring their kills to the person they consider there owner/family member. Some say they are trying to feed you or teach you to hunt there are some other theories too, but one thing is for sure it is a complement and he likes you more than his other owner The thing about keeping him is that if the owner finds out you could get in trouble. I would talk to the owner about it. You could even ask if you could keep him, when you called did it seem like the person cared about the cat or that you had him? Is the cat healthy and in good condition? I don't see any problem with feeding him after all they said he comes home when he wants, well maybe he just does not want to go home ANd yes don't feed milk, most cats are allergic to it.
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Well, I would say you should call the actual owner and explain what has been going on and tell her how you have always been afraid of cats and you are so happy he comes by because now you aren't afraid of them anymore. Tell her he brings you things he caught and he spends so much time over there. Maybe she will let you keep him.

does the cat seem well taken care of? Is he neutered? if the owner is a friendly person I would talk to her about keeping him.
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