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Is it me, or does this sound insane??

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I read an article stating that in London, the authorities have agreed to let Muslim community leaders know ahead of time, that the authorities may perform a raid on suspected terrorists. The purpose of doing this, is so that the community leaders can comment on whether they think that the evidence for the raid is flimsy or not (??!!??!!??!!??). This is political pandering at its worse, and perhaps most dangerous. I would guarantee that the voters do not agree with this. This has not been done for any other type of ethnic group (for instance, conferring with the Italian community before a mafia bust, or with the Irish community before an IRA raid in the past). Does this sound as crazy to anybody else as it does to me??????? BTW, at the end of the article (cant post it for copyright reasons) it states that in a recent poll 90% of British Muslims stated that they would NOT notify the authorities if they had knowledge of an impending terrorist attack. So what the heck is going on here??????????
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I doubt that the muslims asked were a fair representative of british muslims.
I heard that on the news and I think its stupid. They should be told as it happens or maybe Just before. They should be kept informed but shouldn't have the power to prevent raids. If the police think there is enough evidence to raid someones house then they should do that regardless. Plus there is always the danger that you might warn the criminals or not find important evidence. British police have a bad reputation for being unfriendly racists and while I know its not true for most policemen they need to do some work to become respected and trusted by more of the community, which is what this is all about. I understand a desire to remove cloak and dagger policing but this is going too far
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I agree with you! It does sound crazy!!!
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Yes It is Crazy,Imo.

It seems the security sevices are again pandering to the whims of Islamics.
I personally believe they think they have no option but to pander to their whims,Because I believe the security services know just how dangerous and volatile the Islamic community is here in the UK.

Their communities are still not fully accepted in the uk,imo because they live in their own communities and unlike in the USA,Islamics in the UK do not accept our way of life even third generation muslims don't and that only leads to hatred imo.
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All that does is to advertise to the youth where to go if they want to join the jihad.
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and that is why i have many doubts if we will win in the long run.
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