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Brady breakthrough-treats did the trick!

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Boy oh boy, I have to say that the advice about plying the cat with plenty of treats was the key to getting my food-motivated cat back to the nice kitty I saw at his fosters'.

After spending a week treating him like a deranged mental patient (enter the room slowly, leave the food near the door, don't look at him or try to let him know that you are aware of his presence) I changed strategies on Friday 9/22. The new equation was "ME=FOOD BOWL". Wherever he was, be it on the ledge or under the bed, I was going to put the FOOD BOWL put right smack in front of him. After he had eaten just about everything in it, I put a few treats in front of him. This would really make him happy, he would come closer.

So.......Sunday evening I went downstairs, armed with three different brands of treats, his food bowl (with some wet food on top of the dry), and Brady was under the bed. I reach under the bed to within a foot of where he was crouched and rattled the food bowl so he could hear the kibble. Then I put the bowl in its spot near the door. He wasted no time and came out to eat. After he was finished I started with the treats. A few of these, a few of those, you get the idea. He was willing to sniff them while they were in my hand but not eat them. I had to put them on the carpet. So after about 10 minutes of this I thought 'what the heck' and left my hand dangling right next to the treats, backside towards him. He immediately started rubbing his head on my hand. OK GREAT then I rubbed his head (which he liked), scratched his butt (our other cat had liked that, Brady did NOT, he hissed and turned, but went right back to rubbing on my hand). Hot diggety, maybe we can play. Sure enough, he was happy to try to pounce on my hand (I got some scratches but it was worth it), chase after this wand thing that makes chirping noises, and watch a jingly ball roll back and forth. He seemed relieved to be able to relax, although every so often it was as if he would 'remember' that he was supposed to be apprehansive.

I had a guilty consience about leaving him to make dinner since he seemed to be having so much fun! And I'm sure he needs the mental stimulation after being alone for so long.

The punch line is that I was sure I would be able to repeat the fun this AM, except that Brady found one of the treat pouches and tore into it last night. I guess he partied without me. So he was not hungry enough to come out when I brought in the food.

My next step will be to get this boy to the vet, but I want to give him a couple more days of fun before I subject him to the stress.
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Yea for Brady, That's really great!
I'm glad he's coming along. What I've learned with most, (not all), cats is a little guidance on to help them know want doesn't hurt as a rule.
Keep up the good work and keep us posted.
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This is certainly a good beginning.
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