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Green poop

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Ok I was looking at the garden and sugar comes and does her "stuff" right next to me and it was REALLYgreen! It was as green as grass, as green as my bird, as green as........well you get the point . Anyway,I was wondering if that normal. Is it?

Thanks for your help

OH and I think she may be pregnant, wich is really starting to worry me.
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Call your vet ... it could be as simple as something she ate or a far more serius problem
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How odd. I was just discussing this in humans on another forum. With humans, it's usually due to food dyes. In cats, I think a trip to vetland is in order.
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It's not normal, and it means that the food is passing through the cat without being digested.

I'd take the cat to the vet, and also get a good cat book. Dr. Bruce Fogle's CAT OWNER'S MANUAL is the one I use; it provides answers to that question and many more.
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Ok, I took her to the vet. But he said that she was fine and now I'm wondering how he could tell by simply looking her up and down? And now I'm looking out from the window and she is eating a truckload of grass!
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You need a stool sample, and another vet.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
You need a stool sample, and another vet.

Absolutely - you need to bring her to another VET along with a stool sample!
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Whats a stool sample?
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Originally Posted by Time_Cat View Post
Whats a stool sample?
AKA as a sample of poop...
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Wait til the cat has pooped, and try to get a sample before it's covered up (though it's okay to get it if the cat buries it.) Put it in a small plastic container--a yogurt container is fine.

The vet should do a flotation (taking a piece of it and putting it in water to check for worms.) Runny green stuff is NOT normal and you should certainly get this cat to another vet as soon as possible, since this may be a GI infection or defect and can lead to real trouble.
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