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Daily Thread Monday Sept 25th

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At the risk of being presumptious, since I didn't see one already I thought I'd take some initiative and begin the Daily Thread.

Cool quiet day here so far. Looks like a nice holiday as well, since we all should have dreams of new things and places.

Have a great day, everyone!
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Well good morning everyone....

I had one of those rare days where the kitties patiently waited for me to wake up.

I have a bunch of stuff on my agenda for today....lots of cleaning but the sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful day
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Good Morning Fellow Kitty Lovers!!!

I had a pretty good weekend! We had a banquet/silent auction to go to on Sat night. It was pretty cool. We won 2 bids....a stunning Godiva chocolate basket with 6 boxes of different types of chocolates, Godiva cookies, cocoa, coffee, liquor, fall leaves, a cornacopia with a candle in it, a tall bundled bouquet of fall flowers, and "sugared" mini pumpkins all in a "moses" type basket stuffed with orange tissue papers. It was so pretty (and the truffles are amazing). We also won a little Mack Truck bulldog collectors animal, it's Mack the dog in a handyman outfit with a tool belt. All the proceeds went to a domestic violence program that provides 24hr shelters for women & kids. It was a nice time. And the kitts LOVE the basket & tissue paper. They run and slide under it like they are sliding into 1st base, but really they think they're hiding cause you can't see their little faces. Didn't sleep well last night, but having some coffee to combat the sleepiness....

Hope everyone has a great day!!!
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i wish i could say im having a good morning its that tome of the month and i gotta go to work my stomach hurts so bad!!!!!!!!! i wish i could stay home and just lay in bed or sit at the computer on tcs. but i cant. but ima try and have a good day. to everyone else have a great day!!!!!
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I have my time of the month too. it atually came early so i am kind of worried?

anyway, i am doing a bit more packing today, time is getting nearer to the move, i still need to paint two rooms, i cant get to the store to get more paint with out someone driving me and my mum isnt in the mood, so i will just clean up around here..
I went to class today, and ate after school thats about it.. its only 15pm here
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Originally Posted by huggles View Post
was your day really that bad?
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