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Have you ever?

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so here goes..
have you ever given something and never got something back in return?
yes i know i'm not sapposed to expect when i give but
HAVE YOU ever said 'i love you' and heard no reply?
Have You ever smiled at someone you love and they don't smile back?
Have you ever said goodnight and no one answers?
Have you ever given a kiss but they turn away?

are you really sapposed to give and get nothing back??

guys please share your stories
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Oh, yes it does happen. I try to be friendly and if someone isn't friendly back, I have to remind myself that they are the one with the empty heart and then I pity them. Because far more often, I receive a favorable response and a chance encounter can become a memorable conversation.
It hurts to be rejected but it's a chance that I am often willing to take. I met many people in NYC, and heard many first hand stories, from cab drivers to deli clerks about what life for them was like on 9/11/01 & the aftermath - every life has a story, and to me, is everybit as fascinating, if not more, that all those celebs that we can read about.
When you give, you clear a place in your heart, and like a hole in the sand on the beach fills with more water, you will be given love in kind. Maybe not from the person you gave to, but in other ways. IN the moment that you stop to say hello, or move out of the way so some pushy person can bulldoze by, you take a step back from what you are doing, and so often will meet a kind face, or glance about and see a skinny, stray cat across the street hiding in a bush, or see a young child at the corner, confused about crossing the street, etc.; or maybe glance at the sky and see a jet or a flock of migrating birds - you will be given another chance to give, and your gift of kindness will be reciprocated, or you get a gift of seeing Nature, or a moment to appreciate architecture, etc. I know that's an eccentric way of viewing things, but I consider it a balanced view of life.
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stuff like that happens. IF the reason you are giving something. or telling someone you love then is that you want to hear them back. Then you doing it for the wrong reasons.

when things like that happen i just keep on going about my business as normal.

i think it was a year after my wife started telling me she loved me before i said it back to her.
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