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Blue & Marley

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Just wanted to post a picture of my two cats Blue & Marley. I have been a member of this site for a few months and just figured out how to post pictures. Here they are, aren't they adorable!

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That is sooo adorable And I know that precious Misty is looking down from over Rainbow Bridge, smiling on you all thanks for the update - it's wonderful how well that things are working out for you all
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aw someones getting a wash !

when you get some more time, pls post some more we LOVE photos here
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Blue & Marley, just lovely.

Are they always so loving to each other? Its great to see such affection.
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Your kitties are beautiful!!! Thanyou for sharing!!!
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Aww, another Marlee/Marley! Which one is he or she, out of curiousity? They both are just beautiful!
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Blue is the female and Marley is the male, Blue is the one on the left and Marley is on the right. No they don't always get along that well, they chase each other all over the house several times a day. They tend to play very rough with each other but then they will mellow out and start groming each other and sometimes sleeping together. I was worried at first that they didn't like each other because of the rough play but after seeing them grooming each other I'm not so worried anymore. I will try to post some more pictures when I get some time.
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