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Cat won't stop sneezing!

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I just moved a couple weeks ago and about 2 weeks ago I neutered my male cat. A couple days ago he started sneezing. I thought it was just a one-time thing but I was wrong. Now he sneezes at least every 30 minutes. His eyes are NOT gooey, his nose is NOT runny, and he seems to be in perfect health other than the sneezing.

I haven't called a vet because it doesn't seem urgent since he doesn't look sick. Could it be allergies or do you think it has anything to do with his neutering?(I know that sounds crazy, but I just thought I would ask anyways)

Maybe I'm just paranoid, I don't know.

Anyways, anyone know what is wrong with my boy?
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While I'm no expert I can't think why neutering would cause him to sneeze. You said you just moved. Was your new place freshly painted? Was the carpet cleaned or is it new carpet? Either of those could be irritating him. Have you used any new cleaning supplies or bug spray? New linens or sofa? New fabrics can also be an irritant. Are you leaving the window open? My vet told me that cats tend to be aggravated by allergies more in the spring and fall. I'm just throwing ideas out there since you just moved. If it doesn't improve I would definitely make a visit to the vet as it could be the start of an URI.
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Getting your cat neutered will not cause him to sneeze, but it's quite possible he picked up something airborne. (maybe while at the clinic, but not necessarily)

If he continues to eat, drink, play and doesn't act "sick", you could probably hold off on rushing him to the vet. If he does begin to act sick or stop eating, you'll want to get him in right away. Even a viral illness could cause his body could become weak and open the door for infection, so keep a close eye on him.
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Well, my hubby and I are staying with my in-laws right now and my cat has been here before and never started sneezing. Nothing new here either. We were leaving the windows open a bit, but not these past couple days because it is getting cold(about50-60 degrees). His buggies are clear so I don't think he has an infection. He just doesn't stop sneezing. He's a big cat too, so his sneezes aren't tiny, they're huge and loud! I jumped the other day when he sneezed right behind me and I didn't know he was there. He also sneezed all over my sister-in-law's leg, heehee, it was funny, she had snot everywhere.LOL!

Anyways, if anyone else can think of what it could be, please advise!
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I would switch the cat's food and get a good HEPA vacuum and go over the entire house with it. There could be pollen in the air, come to think of it. But the vacuum should be able to get rid of most allergens in the house.
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Could it be fleas? You did say you had just moved...just a thought. Our vet said fleas could be a major cause of sneezing,if there were no other symptoms.
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Well, one of my other cats is sick now too. Not only does the other cat sneeze, but she also becoming slightly lethargic. I also noticed that when they sneeze their "buggies" are green so I'm sure they have a cold or something, even though their eyes are not icky.

I'm going to take him and the female that is sick to the vet. I'm making the appointment today.
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Sounds like a URI - we circulate those around here sometimes, and they can get ugly. Glad to hear you have an appointment.
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Well, I just took the male, female, and 1 of my 5 1/2 week old kittens(which is also sick) to the vet yesterday. They said it was a virus(like a cold). They gave me Clavamox for the adults(which also happens to be a treatment for UTI so if that is what it is then it will treat that too) and they gave me amoxi drop for the kitten. I have to go back today and get some other medicine to give to all the cats that will keep the virus from spreading.
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