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i need help

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I have 2 male brother cats about 2 1/2 yrs old. i love them to death and we live great together.

Today i got a 3month old female. Always wanted a female cat.

I introduced them for about 10min earlier today. Then placed the baby in my spare bedroom.

in the ten minutes fantom (male) went to her very slowly and was just watching her. he is not scared of anything. Dogs/cats whatever he doesnt care.

Shadow (male) was very scared even though he is about 10times her size. He was hiding. When she came close (15feet) he started hissing. So i grabed her back and placed her in the room.

It took shadow about 2 hours to come back and walk around in the living room. But he did something i have never seen him do before. he hissed at his brother and was making awful sounds. HE HAS NEVER EVER EVER done this to his brother. They love each other. they play all the time. Sometime sleep in the same bed. Always sleep next to each other on the bed.

Why is he hissing at his brother???its almost like he doesnt know who he is.....he is scared of him...never been before. I am scared now. I thought i could let them see her a fewmin a day for a couple weeks and they would bond easily. The 2 brothers get along so well together. Perfect inside cats.

I am afraid he will get more and more and more scared of her.

can someone help me???

P.S: sometimes i keep my parents dog which is a siberian husky (11yrs old). Maksim (dog) is a baby doll, he is a great dog. When he comes over fantom doesnt care. he wont go to him but wont move if the dog comes. Shadow always runs for his life. if maksim comes to close he will hiss and do the sounds but otherwise he will just walk very carefully and not go to him but he is fine if he is on the scratching post or on the counters/table(above him)

Can a cat like that refuse another cat in the house and try to harm her? Is there something i can do? I just want them to take her in and play with her and bond with her like they are which each other (2 males)
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Honestly, I would follow the advice in this thread:


Start the introductions again and give it more time.

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We had Blaze for about a year before we got Corwin.After the slow introductions, they fast became friends.When we added Lilly into the mix,that changed.Blaze started hissing at Corwin and would swipe at him when he got near.So, we had to do the intros all over with Blaze and Corwin,plus Lilly.
Give it time and take things as slow as you can to insure there are no problems.
Also, it has been mentioned to put a dab of Vanilla on each cats chin area and the base of their tail--on the back,not rump.
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