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terrified of the vacuum

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Our 2 kittens are absolutely terrified of the vacuum cleaner. We live in a small condo, and we place the kittens in the den with the door closed. They get so scared that one hisses at the door paralyzed with fear, while the other runs behind the sofa and shakes with fear. After the vacuuming is done, they act very agressively and are very easily shaken up. They get tense and tend to bite if we feed them a treat.

We are worried that we would traumatize the kittens every time we vacuum. What do you use for vacuum? How can we help our kittens from being so scared?
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I think all cats are afraid of loud noises. Sibohan is even afraid if I sneeze loud. She hides under the bed whenever I vacume. Duke walkes out of the room kind of perturbed. I might suggest putting them in the den with some loud music or somthing that might distract them from the vacume. Mine love wildlife videos. Distraction has worked for me in the past, including when I am cutting their nails. Good Luck
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They'll get used to it in time, at least to the point where it won't be as bad for them. Or you could decide to like hardwood floors :-). Maybe there's some kind of herbal remedy that will relax them - someone else will know.
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Abby is ok with my vacuum so long as it's stationary and not running. As soon as she sees me touch it and move it, she's gone before I even turn it on, LOL However, the silly girl seems to like the caretaker's vacuum. She sits right by the door and follows the shadow under it when the caretaker is vacuuming the hallway rug. I guess a running vacuum on the other side of a closed door is not a threat! lol

Chynna on the other hand LOVES the vacuum. As soon as she sees me with the vacuum she comes running, wanting me to vacuum her with the upholstery brush. She's quite insistent about it too and flops down in front of the vacuum, or stands on the table or coffee table meowing at me until I vacuum her with either the upholstery brush or just the hose, LOL If I don't put the vacuum away, she lays on the rug and uses the power nozzle as a pillow.
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Maia tries to play with the vacuum end sometimes! I talk to her all the time, and when she was a kitten, she was scared at first. I just spoke to her, told her it was ok, let her smell and inspect it while it was unplugged, then turned it on for a couple of seconds without moving it, reassured her it was'nt going to hurt her. Next thing I know I am scooting her out of the way when I am trying to vacuum! Try slow steps....................
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A friend of mine has a deaf, blue-eyed white cat named Missy. Missy loves the vacuum too. My friend has a cannister type vacuum and Missy likes to lay on it while Val is vacuuming. I guess she likes the vibration and the warmth given off by the vacuum. Until I got Chynna, Missy was the only cat I knew of that liked vacuums.
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I agree that they'll probably get used to it over a period of time. It's a new and frightening experience right now. Mika usually clears off when the vacuum comes out, but Bijou is another one that likes to be vacuumed. He'll roll around on the rug so I don't miss any spots. Mika stands back and watches and you can almost see her wondering how stupid Bijou must be to actually like that suck monster on his body.
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