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Hi -
I'm finally getting around to properly introducing my guys, Buddy and Pal. I've already posted twice with problems. Not that my guys get into trouble, noooo, they're angels. Their halos are a little crooked, that's all!

Buddy, the grey one, is 7 yrs old. I was adopted by him at the MSPCA when he was a year old. He seems very wise and to possess an old soul.

Pal is 6 years old and I was also adopted by him at the MSPCA when he was a year old. He's not very wise and seems to be possessed, and determined to make me an old soul.

I love them both dearly and life would be comatose without them. I don't know how people that don't like cats manage.

This site has been a great find, not just for the information and knowledge, but the people. How is it that we can be sitting in solitude at our computers, miles apart from each other, and still get the feeling of sitting around the kitchen table, having coffee and cake(make mine cheese cake)at a friends house?
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Hi, Anna Mae. I'll have another cup of coffee, please. Now, you know I'm trying to be good, but why does that white(?) cat have orange spots, and why is the other cat holding his nose with his paw? Tomato Juice? Why would anyone bathe her cat in tomato juice?

OK, I'll be nice! A very warm, formal welcome to the CatSite. We're really happy to have you with us. You have to be a great person to be able to laugh at yourself when you spent hours trying to rid your house and pussycat of eau de Skunk! I hope we hear from you soon and often. Oh! And I'd love to see a picture of Pal with his orange spots. I hope you took one before they were all gone!
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I did take one but I don't hold too much hope that it will come out. The camera hasn't been reliable and I heard both clicks of the shudder when I took the picture, so I will have to see if it develops. I'm surprised at how fast he faded. He must have been working on it night and day!
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Welcome Anna Mae! I have to admit, like Jeanie, I got quite a few giggles when I read of your exploits with Pal and the Skunk. Never a dull moment with furbabes around!

You know, I think you nailed it with your description of this place. It does feel like we are all sitting around a table chatting. I'll take a piece of that cheesecake you're having, if you don't mind. I never thought I would have so many friends around the world, but with this site, I sure feel like I do.
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My poor, little Pal! He does make me laugh. I think the skunk has given him something to think about. He takes me to the door to go out, but when I open it he lies down, as if to say 'well, maybe in a bit.' Eventually he makes it out but I am thrilled that he is leery.

As for the cheese cake, I have an assortment of toppings; cherry, rasberry, crushed pineapple, strawberry and chocolate drizzle.

I wish!
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