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Stupid question

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Ok, this may be a stupid question, BUT..I need to ask it anyway.

We have a black light that came with some Urine Gone that we bought. Put the batteries in the light, it works...ok now to the stupid part....we can't see any difference with anything we shine it on. Yes, the lights are off when we use it. We've even shined it directly in the litterbos and have seen NOTHING even though there is a spot of pee that isn't covered up. And the other day, Raven peed on the bathroom floor and I went and got the light, shut the door and turned off the bathroom light and turned on the black light and nothing. What's the deal??
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The deal is that the blacklight dosn't work on new stains they have to be several days to a couple weeks old. The blacklight alows you to see the stain because it shows the phosphors and nitrogen in the urine but it has to be dry to do so.
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Ok...but I'm still not quite sure I'm smart (!) enough to use the light

There are spots where I KNOW someone has urinated but still doesn't show up and it has been days. We did spray the area with an enzymatic cleaner, though when we figured out she had peed there. Nothung shows up, but there is still the urine smell...not as strong, but there nonetheless.

Maybe the person using the light is defective

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