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Sebastian the hound dog was a neighborhood fixture. I first met Sebastian when I moved here to the trailer park. He kind of looked me over, woofed and woofed, and then went and laid down.

After a couple of weeks or so, I figured that I would introduce myself so that my neighbor would not get in trouble for me making her dog bark. I kind of saundered over, introduced myself to Sebastian and scratched his floppy long ears. A look of bliss came over his cute face and he just kind of sashayed away when we were done. I noticed that for about two or three weeks, he didn't bark at me.

Then it seemed like he forgot who I was. He woofed and woofed until I went over to scratch his ears. Who says dogs are dumb??? He just wanted his ears scratched. He met DiddoKahli while we were out walking and exchanged nose kisses through the fence.

He was my watchdog, although he belonged to someone else (a very nice lady with beautiful kids) but he would woof and woof if there were strangers about to let everyone know to watch out.

Old age was catching up to Sebastian though and about a week ago, his human family had a terrible decision to make. Sebastian had had a number of strokes and was in pain. Last week or so, his human family helped him cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Sebastian, you ole hound dog, go find DiddoKahli. You remember her, she was the one in the pink halter and lead rope. She will introduce you to her sister, Princess Alexis and the others that are there. You ole hound dog. Nobody feels quite so safe anymore, 'cause you're guarding the Rainbow Bridge instead of our neighborhood.

Sebastian the hound dog, loved beyond all measure, missed beyond all belief.
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Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Sebastian. Join the wonderful league of guardian dogs who so valiantly protect our TCS kitties who have passed. Even angels can use a good dog
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I just love a good old dog! Sounds like Sebastian was a much loved, wonderful pup. May he rest in peace!
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R.I.P Sebastian

I am sorry for the loss of Sebastian.
Seb sounds like he was a great little character in your community,I'm sure he will be sadly missed by you and a lot of people who knew him.
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I'm sorry to hear about Sebastian <3 For some reason reading this thread made me think of the old poem "Old Blue". I hope you find it appropriate to post here.

Old Blue

Old Blue died, and he died so hard
He shook the ground in my backyard
I dug his grave with a silver spade
I lowered him down with a golden chain
With every link, you know I called his name
Hey Blue, you good dog, you.
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Sebastian have a wonderful time over at the bridge because theres plenty of places to dig and hide your bones

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Rest in peace Sebastian. Enjoy your time at the bridge.
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