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Yippey! Last night I found one of Milo's baby teeth! I am so excited, now I have one of Milo's and one of Marlee's to keep forever!
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You are lucky, I have never found any. I think they ate them
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
You are lucky, I have never found any. I think they ate them
I think my kitties ate their too
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I have no idea what my kitties did with theirs! You're very fortunate!
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I know I'm lucky, and both of them were just so funny when it happened! With Marlee, I had just walked in the door from class and she was waiting at the foot of the stairs just inside to greet me like usual. She sorta leaned over and spit something out. I leaned down to look, and there was a little toothy!

And with Milo, we were sitting downstairs watching TV and he was sorta scratching the side of his face and meowed real loud. Sorta startled me of course, so I look at him and his tooth just falls out! He kinda looked at me then ran off to play.
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i remembered reading a thread somewhere about kitty teeth, so i was constantly checking teufels milky teeth then all of a sudden, the baby tooth was gone! i was so upset, so i redid the trial with kaylee, but hers did too!
I guess they really didnt want me to have it!
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my vet said we can always find it in their poop.
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Aww, so cute! The only baby tooth I have is from Tinkerbell...we were sitting in our first apartment and suddenly she started pawing at her mouth...and out fell a tooth! I felt so fortunate to be there for it, so I could hold onto it.
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Awww, I actually managed to find ALL of Scotty's baby teeth, but none of Oscar's. It was really odd too because I got Scotty when he was around 5-6 months old and he still had the baby teeth.

I still have them, too.
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