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This is so annoying...

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My laptop hasn't been working, and I came upstairs to do something, and tried to get the laptop going again, and lo and behold it sorted itelf out! And the open page on the laptop was TCS. So I thought I'd just refresh and see what's happening.

And now.... I have NO idea why I came upstairs!! I know I needed something in particular, but I know I'm not going to remember until I get back downstairs!
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I've been there, I go into the kitchen to get somthing and have no clue why I went in there whrn I get there. I go back to what I was doing and eventually I remember what I was going to do.
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Yep- been there done that- many times. It only gets worse as you get older. At least your laptop decided to start working again.
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That happens to me often, but I've learned that if I think of what I was doing before I arrived at my destination (can't say upstairs..I only have one floor, lol) I can usually remember pretty quickly.

Then again, if you don't remember what you were doing, then I guess you're just out of luck, lol.
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When the same thing happens to me I tell myself it was probably not important enough to remember. It lessens the frustration.
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