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Cat skin problem

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My 4 year old cat has begun to develop itchy scabs in small clusters on the back of her neck and around the base of her tail. I know it is not fleas. This is the second time. Th first time it resolved after over a month, getting better and better. Then suddenly, the problem came back.

Can anyone give me some tips to get rid of this problem at home?
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I battle with skin problems with one of my cats. After many tests we have decided it's food allergies. My vet suggested switching him to Purina One and it has really helped. He is looking great. One thing I do suggest is getting a flea comb and gently combing over the scabby areas to remove as much of the scabs as you can. Don't force them because you don't want to cause any bleeding, just a gentle combing. Do it every few days. Like in humans scabby areas are itchy and when cats scratch them with their claws they tend to open them back up again. I will say though that the neck and the base of the tail are areas that fleas love so don't be so sure it's not fleas. It only takes one flea to cause skin problems. I keep all of my animals treated monthly for fleas and I am still seeing the occasional flea. I know that every creature has a purpose but have yet to figure out what a fleas are. Good luck!
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What about flea allergies? It only takes one flea bite to trigger them.

Also what food are you feeding? Many cats with skin problems do better when switched to something with no by-products and fewer fillers.
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