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allergies/sinus infection-semi rant

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Oh dear lord........I am SOO fed up with them!! Anyone else suffering? I was so sick last weekend, I stayed in bed ALL day Sunday, with a TERRIBLE headache, and then went to Dr on Monday and got a shot for the headache, and got on some antibiotics. I still feel so sucks! I cant get my nose cleared up for nothing. Anyone have any good remedies for stuffy noses?? LOL. If so, please do tell!! Anyhoo, sorry just wanted to rant a little.

Hope all is well with everyone else.
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Sinus headaches are very uncomfortable to deal with. I hope you feel better soon. I had a head cold last week that was giving me headaches. I used the alka seltzer cold medicine that desolves in water and took a lot of long hot showers. I get bad sinus headaches that can last for days sometimes and this is one of the few things that helps. At night when I get bad sinus headaches I take a Tylenol PM before bed. Excedrin Sinus headache formula also works for me sometimes.
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I have lived with my Vicks vapouriser running all the time when I am home for the last week
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I can so relate to you. I woke up this morning with my eyes swollen shut and a raging headache and congestion. I am just starting to feel normal after cold compresses and my allergy medicine. My husband came home from playing golf and immediately asked if he could help around the house so I know I must have looked bad. I am grateful he will pitch in when I am not feeling good especially since this is his first day off of working in a long time and he was looking forward to relaxing. We decided to finish cleaning tomorrow and just chill today. So he is watching the Redskin game and I am playing on the computer.

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About 2 years ago I kept having ongoing sinus infections that my regular doctor was treating me for. Finally I went to an ENT, who put me on something he had put together and I picked up from the compound pharmacy. If that didnt work, I was going to have surgery for my sinus cavities. After taking this concoction for one week (a spray into my nose), my sinuses completely cleared up and I havent had a sinus infection since. I no longer have the medicine to look and see what it was, but if you are interested, I can call my ENT tomorrow and ask him .
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I've been lucky as my allergies aren't as bad as they where say 20 yrs ago!!! But those sinus headaches are TERRIBLE!!! Have you tried saline solution up your nose??? I remember I was so desperate once I just cups some water in my hand and "snorted" it!! It did make me sneeze and temporarily feel better. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluids too.
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I have bad allergies, and blocked sinuses from that, and always get sinus infections when I get sick.

My doc put me onto sinus rinses. I get the NeilMed kit from the local pharmacy (widely available in the US). They're pretty much just salt rinses, and you put a sachet of the mix into the bottle that comes with it with warm water, and squirt it up one nostril and it comes out the other nostril.

It sounds gross, and frankly the first time is weird and horrible, but you get used to it pretty easily. It really clears out the sinuses, and also clears out pollen and stuff that can be up there irritating everything.

I was doing it daily when my allergies were really bad, now I only do it when I have a flare up or get a sinus infection.
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