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Cat pooping on bedroom/bathroom floor for spite?

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I have a 5 year old Siberian spayed female. In May I brought home (rescued) an 8 year old Turkish Angora non nuetered male. My female HATES this new cat and it has been 4 months with her not warming to him at all. She hisses, growls and spits at him. He is non agressive toward her and wants to play, but she will have none of that. I have to keep him locked away in a seprate room, but try to get them together for short visits. Lately, when he is out of his room, she will poop on our bedroom or bathroom floor. She still uses the litter box to pee, (thank goodness- the smell would drive me crazy). It is so upsetting that she is doing this. We give her just as much love and attention as we always have, maybe even more to help her cope with her new "brother". What can I do - she has always had free run of the house, but now I find I have to keep her in her room with the litterbox so she doesnt poop elsewhere in the house. HELP!!!!
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Cats don't poop or pee on things out of spite--they do it because they are stressed by something or because they have a medical issue. You may want to read this article: http://www.thecatsite.com/Behavior/4...cing-Cats.html
Sometimes, you have to start the process over again, keeping them separate.

Also, how many litterboxes do you have? Are you going to get the boy neutered? Having an intact cat in the house increases the likelihood of problems.
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I would start over with the intros with BOTH cats slower this time.
I think she is going poop out of stress and agrivation right now.....not out of spite.
I also agree about neutering the boy as that may help with some of the problems also.Maybe he is spraying and that is bothering her.
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Thanks! I am working on getting him neutured. When I rescued him he was an abused cat- malnourished, has anemia and kidney problems. He pees and drinks all day. I have to clean out his litter box 3 times a day.His health is imroving- his enemia is almost cured and he is on special urinary food and antibiotics. Hopefully this will help. He does not spray- we keep him in his own room, and when he is out for the short visits he is good about not spraying. I have also used feliway to calm my female, but that hasnt seemed to work. I also try to feed them together when they are visiting so she can associate his presence with a pleasurable experience (her favorite thing- eating) but so far that has not worked either.
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Don't give up hope!!! Some cats just need to work things out for themselves.And some will never be close friends,just tolerate one another.
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I am hoping that she will come to tolerate him. I am just worried about the pooping behavior. I know she is showing her displeasure that he is here, but he has been with us since May- and I cant figure out why this bad behavior is happening now!
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Has she been to the Vet recently?Maybe she has a worm problem or something else going on.
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she had her annual in March and everything was fine.When I bring him back to the vet to get his kidney values checked, I will ask about her too. Thanks!
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Anytime!!! Isn't it wonderful to have this site to go to with questions!!!
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